Leading Chinese Appliance Manufacturer Haier Group Starts Exporting Smart Family Products to the U.S.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Haier Group, a leading China-based white goods manufacturer, is exhibiting at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is taking place in Las Vegas now through the 8th of January, where the appliance maker is displaying the world's first multiple entry point, full scenario, smart home powered by the similarly featured UHomeOS operating system. During the event, the sound-controlled kitchen from GEA will also have its debut presentation. This is the white goods maker's 12th appearance at the show.

Haier UHomeOS is based on the U+ cloud platform, U+ big data platform and U+ brain, together forming an artificial intelligence system created by Haier, onto which the Haier smart appliances are loaded. The connection between the base layer, the application layer and the open 4U port make possible not only the interaction among the Internet of Things but also between humans and objects as well as between objects and resources. At this year's CES, scenarios such as the smart kitchen, the smart living room and the smart bathroom powered by the UHomeOS system are also on display.

The cook, or anyone spending time In the Haier smart kitchen, can view his or her favorite TV show being shown on the door of the refrigerator and enjoy the show while cooking or completing other kitchen-related activities. The status of any appliance in the home can be checked and modified, such as turning the air conditioner or the water heater on or off, or adjusting the temperature of the units, from the comfort of an easy chair in the smart living room. In the smart bathroom, the home's residents or guests can check the weather forecast and catch up on the news while brushing their teeth.

In addition, GEA is exhibiting its first smart sound-controlled kitchen, in which every kitchen device can be controlled through voice commands given to an Amazon Echo smart speaker.


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