KDX Announces Agreement with Philips to Partner on Glasses-Free 3D Display Technology for the Chinese Market

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kangdexin Composite Material Group (KDX) is excited to announce that it has signed an agreement with Royal Philips for glasses-free 3D display technology for China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Via this agreement, KDX and Philips founded a long-term partnership through which they will intensively cooperate to develop, license and make available their IP in the field of glasses-free 3D display technology.

KDX, the leading glasses-free 3D display company in the world, has always recognized the value of Philips' IP for glasses-free 3D display technology. KDX obtained a technology license from Philips in 2014, and in 2016 acquired the company Dimenco, which was a technology spin-off from Philips. Via this partnership, KDX is taking the logical next step to strengthen its IP and market position in the world of glasses-free 3D displays.

The partnership further entitles KDX, for a certain period, to develop further 3D display technology and market its products in China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, before Philips concludes new 3D display technology licenses with other companies targeting the Chinese market. "This period will strategically enable KDX to finalize its high volume industrialization of 3D display technology and bring a broad product range to the market as well as further strengthen its technology and market leadership position in the world of glasses-free 3D," says Mr. Zhong Yu of KDX.

The partnership was celebrated at the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Jako Eleveld, Philips' head of IP Licensing and KDX board chairman Mr. Zhong Yu.

"We have worked with KDX for several years, and we are impressed by how KDX has further developed the glasses-free 3D display technology, set up a high volume production system and has started to bring consumer products to the market. To start a program for China creates substantial benefit for the further development of the glasses-free 3D display industry in China, since after the initial period when KDX will further develop and market the 3D display technology, our new licenses can include not only Philips' but now also KDX's IP,says Jako Eleveld, Philips' head of IP Licensing.

KDX will be demonstrating and launching several of its new generation glasses-free 3D switchable lenticular products at CES. These include a 55" TV, tablets, mobile phones and laptops. In addition, KDX will demonstrate several B2B products that are used in applications, such as medical, gaming, education and digital signage. The products range from a 85" 3D display to a 43" 3D portrait display.

At this point, KDX is striving to enhance its cooperation with other manufacturers. In October 2016, the ZTE Axon 7 Max was successfully launched in China with a full set of glasses-free 3D solutions provided by KDX. The launch of these products, which have already achieved great sales, also signaled the beginning of the cooperation between KDX and equipment manufacturers in producing mobile devices featuring glasses-free 3D. KDX is now pushing forward its cooperation with tier one and tier two manufacturers and foresees the release of new glasses-free 3D products within the next 12 months.

About KDX

KDX group is a listed company on the Chinese stock market with a market value of nearly US$10 billion. The world's largest pre-coated film manufacturer and a leading supplier of optical film, KDX has established its prominent position in polymer material manufacturing including but not limited to pre-coated film, optical film, carbon fiber, and flexible materials. KDX developed and owns several hundreds of patents in glasses-free 3D, and is the only company worldwide with the capability to create the full product in-house. This includes the design and manufacturing of the optics, 3D image processing and full assembly and manufacturing of the end product.


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