FLYPRO Showcases New Drones and System Solutions at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- FLYPRO, a global pioneer and leader in the intelligent sports drone industry, returned to CES this year, on the back of the firm's success at the annual global technology event in 2016. CES 2017, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, opened its doors to the public on the morning of January 5, 2017. With 3,800 exhibitors spreading across 2.5 million square feet, more than 170,000 visitors are expected. 

At 2016 CES, FLYPRO showcased the XEagle, the world's first intelligent sports drone controlled through voice commands and/or a single button on a smart watch. The product attracted wide attention from users and media organizations worldwide. At this year's CES, FLYPRO is showcasing a range of new drones and system solutions for hobbyists and consumers.

In addition to the XEagle intelligent sports drone that was a highlight at last year's CES, FLYPRO unveiled the XJaguar, a racing drone customized for professional racing drone players, the Tower, the 8-in-1 high precision integrated structure with transmitter and flight controller, and the XBEE, a hobbyist's drone for entry-level users, as well as system solutions for professional users, including solutions for complete drones as well as for flight control and obstacle-avoidance systems.

The XJaguar racing drone is equipped with the most mainstream configuration in the racing industry, including the GT2205KV2300 motor, a 4-in-1 electric speed controller, and 100C lithium batteries. With high integration and an eye-catching appearance, the XJaguar is slim and light, breaking with the tradition that racing drones are untidy and lack any sense of design.

The Tower comes with the world's first 8-in-1 tower structure, and integrates the 4-in-1 electric speed controller, the flight control system, the video transfer system, an onscreen display (OSD) and the section board, allowing professional racing drone players worldwide to be able to quickly assemble their high-performance racing drones.

The XBEE, a drone for the budding hobbyist, is the same size as an iPhone 6s. The easy-to-operate, collapsible, gravity sensitive drone can be controlled from a downloadable app and is capable of rolling over a full 360 degrees, making it highly popular among entry-level users.

The drone solutions unveiled by FLYPRO at this year's CES include solutions for complete machines including hobbyist drones, racing drones, aerial drones, smart-watch controlled drones, in addition to solutions for flight control and obstacle-avoidance. FLYPRO is open to serving as an ODM or OEM according to client needs.

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