Circular-screen Computers Make Stunning debut at 2017 CES, Neobear's co-brand MAGNEO a Highlight

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 50th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was successfully held in Las Vegas on January 5, 2017. This international and acclaimed indicator of future scientific and technological development, attracted a series of edge-cutting products from global giants to pioneering manufacturers. As China's leading high-tech supplier of entertainment products for children, YoungZone introduced the MAGNEO, the world's first AR hand-gripped circular-screen computer, whose innovative circular screen AR design became the event's highlight.

Organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) aims to promote the connection between sophisticated electronic technologies and modern life. Launched in 1967, CTA has become an important platform through which major electronic products manufacturers across the world distribute product-related information, showcase their high-tech products and promote a future way of life.

More than 5,000 enterprises participated in this fair, which featured the latest scientific and technological results and the most, eye-catching products. As China's AR leader, YoungZone Culture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recently completed the largest instance of AR/VR startup financing in the domestic market. YoungZone introduced its MAGNEO, the world's first AR handheld circular-screen device, and attracted with it considerable attention from visitors and professionals. By integrating the latest AR technology and children's education, YoungZone's booth attracted a constant flow of visitors. The company occupied a 54 square-meter exhibition booth at the fair, hence becoming the largest Chinese AR exhibitor at CES.

Sources state that MAGNEO is a highly imaginative mobile device that challenges traditional designs with its new handheld shape. Together with its augmented reality (AR) technology, MAGNEO features an ultra-powerful arithmetic unit, a high-definition and high-speed camera that matches image-identifying requirements, a hand-gripped structure consistent with human engineering, and a customized design for children.

The most impressive feature of MAGNEO is its world's first 92mm high-definition LED screen. Compared to a rectangular screen, the circular design offers a unique visual and user experience -- without corners or unnecessary angles, it features a dial plate that is permanently repositioning the screen angle based on the viewing angle. Such revolutionary design has already been honored with the German iF Design Award in 2015, as well as Italy's A' Design Award and China's Success of Design Award in 2016, even before MAGNEO's market launch. In the second half of 2016, China's Red Star Design Award and CES's Annual Innovation Award 2017 were harvested as well. 

This circular-screen computer, generously recognized with domestic and foreign awards, has four main forms of experience: exploration, learning, reading and gaming. MAGNEO allows children to truly learn through playing by exploring the world, accessing vivid facts, experiencing exclusive gaming content, and integrating AR technology. To facilitate the parent-child interaction, MAGNEO also features a dedicated operating system QOS, which contains functions such as one-key call, instant sound, and parenting assistance, focusing on the parental needs of providing continuous care and companionship to their children.

At the event, guests could single-handedly operate the smart mobile device via MAGNEO. The operation is simple and convenient. In combination with NEOBEAR's AR high-tech teaching tools (AR coloring books, AR picture flash cards, and AR globe), MAGNEO's AR device offers children a full interactive experience.

With a special focus on the growth of children aged 3-16, MAGNEO is committed to integrate traditional education into its learning products. At CES, MAGNEO has successfully made its highly influential debut and demonstrated the brand's strong ambition to implement a strategy for internationalization and set the pace for high-tech education products for children. MAGNEO is dedicated to develop the new AR+ science and technology for children and begin a new era of smart education by combining leading technology with children's education. 

SOURCE Neobear

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