10 Latest Trends At CES 2017: Human-oriented Technology Greatly Enhances Life and Happiness

BEIJING, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRnewswire/ -- CES is a gathering for the Chinese internet industry and a revelry of science and technology media. Nowadays, we can see names of Chinese brands, like Huawei, Mi, TCL, Letv and more all over the overseas professional technological websites, such as CNET and at CES. AI, AR and VR have become the most popular key words. However, most of the intelligent products, such as Microsoft's HoloLens, Google Glass, unmanned driving, Magic Leap AR technology, are just concept products and only exist in news headlines due to the restrictions of policy, development of technology and cost.

China's leading incubator for aesthetic & technology products and global sales company, Taihuoniao technology, provides a platform that internet or original design startups can use to establish themselves in international and domestic markets, help them make crowdfunding plans, and provides sales & marketing services. Some brands revealed in the list useTaihuoniao.

Chinese products that are competitive in technology and are innovativly designed have achieved an incredible market share globally. The stereotype of Made in China has tremendously changed throughout the world, while the international exposure means a wider domestic market.

In the beginning of 2017, the intelligent products made in China that are being developed with deep exploration of quality and human-oriented design have shined worldwide. Now let's see the 10 new trends at CES 2017.

1. From up in the sky to under the water, smart ROV FiFish can swim freely under the sea

Now it is easy to have a robot film you swim in the water or to direct a documentary about diving.

Taihuoniao Technology & QiYuan Technology launched "FiFish-Atlantis", the world's first smart underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which won the CES 2017 Innovation Award for Drones. The product has several independent technologies, including its underwater propulsion system, underwater camera and lighting system, control system, the telecommunication gear for underwater remote control and real-time display system above water. It can transmit high-resolution images from underwater. With a VR device, a user can totally immerse themself in the zero gravity of underwater.

The key technologies of FiFish and the leading and innovative hydro-mechanic exterior design, interactive experience design, the robot gesture control and 1-inch big target optical lens that create an excellent 4k real-time video effect are the prime reasons for winning the award.

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2. A robot integrating speech recognition and IOT: "Little Fish" Family Robot, your great helper when you are not home

Are you quick to learn tech products? It may not be true for seniors and kids.

Baidu Duer and Ainemo Inc. reached profound strategic cooperation and have co-launched the DuerOS AI operation system at CES 2017 as well as the brand new "Little Fish" video talking robot powered by DuerOS, Baidu's AI assistant platform. Users can control it via the screen and the touch panel. Compared to the previous model, the latest model has more human-oriented application scenes including face recognition and tracking, voice recognition, and semantic recognition. Users can also talk with "Little Fish" and tell it their needs via voice control, such as smart home functions, music play, reading news, as well as Online to Offline (O2O) services like calling food delivery services.

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3. Optimized smart kitchen details: JUISIR- 90 seconds to make juice and save you from machine cleaning

It's easy to drink juice but it's a headache to clean the juicer. However, a smart kitchen can release wives from heavy house chores.

JUISIR, a cold pressing juicer, has a higher juice yield than its counterparts and it preserves more of the nutrition and enzymes in fruits and vegetables as no heat is generated. The exclusive disposable or recycled plastic bags used with the machine is a special design feature to help users avoid direct contact of fruits and vegetables with the machine as a way to guarantee hygiene and safety and save the trouble of cleaning the machine. The 8-ton pressure inside the machine makes sure the juice is extracted to the greatest extent. Put fruit in the JUISIR and wait for 90 seconds; you'll have a perfect glass of juice. JUISIR will be launched on Kickstarter on January 12, 2017.

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4. AI technology makes studying more fun: "The One" smart piano, learn to play Fur Elise in only one month

The only smart piano in the world certified by MFi of Apple Inc. Connected to the APP via iPhone/iPad/Android, it provides various functions including instruction, games and social. In 2015, after "The One·Light", the portable version of the piano was launched. Lang Lang, the world famous pianist from China, decided to invest in it and recommended it to the world. So far, "The One" has signed IPR contracts with Hal Leonard and Alfred Music, the two largest music publishers in the world, and is able to provide music scores of more than 10,000 authorized songs. Users are able to study according to their own plan and they can learn to play the song Fur Elise in only one month.

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5. More optimized appliances from big brands: The LG CordZero vacuum may be better than Dyson

LG CordZero's engine is said to be 16 times faster than that of a plane. It is equipped with two detachable batteries and the extension-type handle can reach every corner in a room. It can work for 80 minutes after one charge. Many people are looking forward to seeing the PK between LG and Dyson, which is another big name in home appliances.

6. Imagination is the dominator: Has a new trend in VR devices come?

Want to feel the existence of someone in another place? A VR device will make it come true. Deepoon VR, a Chinese VR and internet company has world-leading PC-end and mobile terminals and covers 68% of the domestic market. Deepoon VR AIO has been recognized as the best VR AIO so far and it can be paired to the M-Polaris mobile inter-space positioning system. When paired with a high-end massage chair, the VR helmet can give you the experience of being massaged while surrounded by beauty. The new generation of PC VR helmet, the Deepoon E3, will be launched at CES.

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7. Simpler transportation tool: Fastwheel's Partannimal is the new way

Are you always 10 minutes late no matter how fast you run between the subway and the bus? Scooters and monocycles have become popular among college students and other young people because they are portable and less likely to be stolen. Nanjing Fastwheel Technology focuses on short-distance transportation and has three major products: monocycle EVA, twist car N1 and electric scooter F0, all of which have attracted a lot of urban white-collar workers and fashionable players and have become new transportation choices for college students. They even paved a running track at the booth and visitors can participate in a competition game.

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8. Electric car & unmanned driving: All companies have plans in mind. How is Faraday Future going?

Faraday Future showed up at CES 2016 but there hasn't been much news coming out since then about vehicle production, running on the roads, collision tests or anything else. However, big names like Tesla, Ferrari and Bentley are pretty active. As optimized electric automobile technology, policy support and charging pile deployment have become well-developed, Tesla will further expand its strength globally. In addition, Honda has also developed a vehicle-mounted telecommunication system for its concept car, the NeuV, to solve the traffic jam problem.

9. Apply both AR and VR on one mobile device: ASUS and Google co-developed a smart phone

VR or AR? While you were still hesitating, ASUS and Google have co-developed a new smart phone, the ASUS Zenfone AR. Although it looks no different from ASUS's previous products, it has both AR and VR applied on the device. It also supports Google Daydream View, a mobile VR platform, Tango high sensor, AR technology and sports Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chip.

10. National policy and leaders have incredible influence on global technology.

During CES US media has been mocking President-elect Donald Trump for his "Governing by Twitter" and noting that his focus on bringing back manufacturing may make the stock prices of technology companies fall from the peak to a bottom like a rollercoaster at any time.

The significance of a new technology lies in acquiring a better living experience. CES not only showcases cutting-edge hardware technology, but also its original attempt of human-orientation and life evolution. Consumers around the world are now attaching more importance to product details and user experience and this may be a good opportunity for Chinese brands to stand out.

SOURCE Taihuoniao

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