The Science of Self-Care: Southern Telecom Launches Sharper Image's New Massage Line

NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Telecom is deepening their unique relationship with Sharper Image in 2017 by launching the brand's exclusive line of massagers. Sharper Image's new massage line has been designed, developed, produced and distributed by Southern Telecom and will be hitting store shelves in 2017.

According to Jon Khalev, Brand Manager at Southern Telecom, the company "really wanted our Sharper Image massage line to honor the brand's legacy. And that meant creating something of real value to consumers."

To achieve this goal, Southern Telecom's product engineers studied massage disciplines from around the world including Shiatsu and Reflexology. "We wanted our technology to mimic these time-tested techniques," Khalev said. "By coupling these traditional methods with a lot of high-tech and customizable features we succeeded in creating a massage line both Southern Telecom and Sharper Image can be proud of."

The personal massage space has long been one of Sharper Image's most profitable and successful sectors so launching a new line was a logical move for the brand. The tagline for the launch is "the science of self-care" which emphasizes both the meticulous engineering of the products and their ultimate purpose.

"This line is all about tradition meeting technology," said Sam Ayal, Southern Telecom's CEO. "But we also studied the market extensively and create a line that has something for everyone – the serious athlete looking for a way to cut down on recovery time, the achy office worker who needs a small, discrete massager they can use at their desk. We were able to create a truly diverse family of products with great selections at all price points."

With consumers increasing their spending on health and wellness related technology, there is a lot of foreseeable growth in the personal massager market.  The joint venture by Southern Telecom and Shaper Image has products aimed at every corner of this expanding marketplace, from small personal massagers to deluxe massage chairs.

Those wishing to try Sharper Image's new massagers can do so at CES 2017. Southern Telecom has created a multifaceted in-booth experience that will include presentations, giveaways, and lots of products for our visitors to interact with. 

Consumers can pick up Sharper Image's new massage lines at retail stores starting early 2017.  They will also be available online.

Southern Telecom is a New York City based consumer technology firm that specializes in taking products from concept to store shelf. Their team includes product engineers, packaging designer, in-house marketing, and product distribution.


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