Hisense Announces the "Road Map": The World's Leading Laser, LED to QLED

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "The year 2017 is significant for the development of TV industry" said Liu Hongxin, President of Hisense Group. "Global TV manufacturers are in the technical route and business development of their different crossroads." Mr. Liu Hongxin officially announced technology and product line.

The Dual Color 4K Laser Cast is a highlight of the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 for Hisense. As a dual illuminant, the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast presents us more abundant and meaningful color level. Brightness of the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast had up to 360 nit, which is comparable with high-end LCD TV. The color gamut rated at 110% NTSC, far better than normal TVs rated at 72% NTSC. Depending on the cost and price, the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast now has the competitive power to overturn large-screen LCD TVs.

Aside from Dual Color 4K Laser Cast, Hisense will focus more on QLED in the future. Quantum dots is one of the technologies that's driving the creation of high dynamic range TVs (HDR) and the creation of the new UltraHD Premium standard and will be an important component of next generation's display screen. As President Liu Hongxin said, Quantum dot has played a significant role in improving color quality of LED TVs. The reason for choosing QLED in the new generation of display technology is that it has much higher peak brightness, better color accuracy, lower cost and more stable performance. "Hisense's role in the quantum dot display and QLED field, is also a natural extension of ULED technology." President Liu Hongxin said, from the perspective of enhancing the quality, ULED and quantum dot technology is a perfect match. Hisense's new generation of quantum dot display products will be officially listed in 2019, and later will continue to introduce better quality QLED TVs.

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