Coby Core Introduces All Weather Mini Mojo Bluetooth Speaker Series at CES 2017
Part of Company's New Coby Core Line of Premium Audio Accessories - Products Made by the Guys Who Make the Music

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Coby, the ultimate one-stop supplier of Bluetooth and related audio accessories, has announced it will be introducing its water resistant Mini Mojo Bluetooth speaker series at CES 2017. Thanks to its unique intelligent DSP technology, this active-lifestyle speaker series takes the concept of "good things come in small packages" to a new level. It is part of the company's Coby Core line of premium audio accessories, products that are made by the guys who make the music.

See the Entire Line of Coby Core Premium Audio Accessories and Other Coby Audio Products at CES 2017 in the Fesco Group booth: 17317 Central Hall.  

"Despite their ultra-compact footprint, Coby's new Mini Mojo Bluetooth speaker series delivers the kind of pristine sound quality usually associated with much larger, multi-driver, wired speakers that cost way more," commented renowned drummer/percussionist, Juilliard School graduate, and session-musician Michael Hinton, who is helping to develop the Coby Core line, together with Grammy winning guitarist and producer C. Lanzbom.

Hinton added, "The secret to the Mini Mojo's incredibly rich and detailed audio quality lies in Coby's new Intelligent DSP technology that goes beyond standard DSP. The result is a richer more engaging listening experience that pushes the boundaries of what's possible from audio products with the Mini Mojo's small footprint and lower-than-expected price point. Like all of the Coby Core audio products, the Mini Mojo speaker delivers a listening experience that consumers associate with way-higher price points."

The Coby Core Mini Mojo speaker is rubber coated, so it can be used anywhere, indoors or even outside in the elements. Coby's DigiTrue technology effectively restores the music frequencies most affected by compression and streaming to result in a fuller, rounder, more-true-to-the-music sound, regardless of the type of music.

"Because they're designed around the needs of today's connected user, there's no cluttered controls to navigate," added Lanzbom. "Everything but the power can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet."

Coby Core was developed around the core dynamics of music – as opposed to a particular performer's taste. To ensure this commitment to core musicality, Coby is working with top session artists, such as Michael Hinton and C Lanzbom. In short, Coby Core is made by the people who make the music.

Mike and C are true musicians, having performed with symphonies and on Broadway, recorded scores of albums, and worked with the likes of the Grateful Dead, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, Jewel, Maya Angelou, Steve Miller, and countless others. Now that same experience, talent and visceral understanding of music in its purest form is being used in the creation and curation of the Coby Core line.

"The level of talent Mike and C bring to Coby Core is a key part the overall brand concept," pointed out Steven Shamula, Coby CEO. "They're the guys that make the music, a.k.a., world-class session musicians, who possess that one-of-a-kind mystical ability to turn notes on a page into music.

"Working with people on their level is why we named the line Coby Core, because they are about the core 'musicality' that makes music 'music'. They are the reason certain songs trigger memories, certain solos stop us in our tracks and mesmerize us. Music at its 100% purely honest core has the ability to do that. Why? Because of the ears and talents of people like Michael Hinton and C Lanzbom."

Pricing and Availability  
The Coby Core Mini Mojo Bluetooth speaker series will be available in Q1 of 2017 for MSRP of $24.99.

About Coby
This classic mass-market audio brand has been reinvented with a new line of in-ear and over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones (all phone enabled) and wireless indoor/outdoor speakers. Its Coby Core series is being developed by the people who make the music – session musicians. Coby lets consumers experience music as it was meant to sound, without any lows or highs, or overly processed DSP-type artificial augmentation. For more information on Coby Audio products please visit

Coby Audio is part of The Fesco Group, which, over its nearly 55 years of doing business, has evolved into one of America's most respected distributors and a manufacturer/marketer of consumer electronics and home-technology products.

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