Visteon Ushers In New Era of Automotive Infotainment With Next-Generation Phoenix™ Platform
- First infotainment solution that offers HTML5-based app SDK and simulator
- Features advanced cybersecurity adhering to J3061 framework
- Supports secure, over-the-air firmware and app updates

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC) – a technology leader at the epicenter of the fast-growing automotive cockpit electronics segment – is introducing its next-generation Phoenix™ infotainment platform at CES® 2017 in Las Vegas. Phoenix™ signals a technological breakthrough in infotainment, which is quickly becoming the digital core of the connected car.

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Phoenix™ is designed to unlock innovation by enabling third-party developers to create apps easily, while delivering built-in cybersecurity and over-the-air updates. Phoenix™ offers an automotive-oriented JavaScript application program interface (API) for HTML5-based app development. It is the first automotive infotainment system to facilitate app creation through a software development kit (SDK) and software simulation of the target hardware system.

"Visteon is reimagining infotainment from the perspective of both app developers and the end-user," said Visteon President and CEO Sachin Lawande. "Through this latest advancement, Phoenix™ will break down the traditional barrier for embedded automotive app development that has restricted the availability of apps for infotainment systems."  

Lawande continued: "Phoenix™ is based on an open architecture that proactively seeks to tap the innovation and creativity of the broad community of app developers. We are borrowing a page from successful mobile applications that have shown that no matter how big or adept an organization may be, it will never be as innovative as the collective capabilities of the open community."

Visteon offers a unique Phoenix™ SDK, incorporating libraries of code, documents and a simulator to support app development by third parties. The SDK makes app development easier than the conventional approach, which requires custom software and hardware, lacks third-party tools and can be costly and time-consuming.

Lawande added: "With Phoenix™, the developer will be able to log on to a Visteon microsite and create and test apps with an SDK and a simulator. The app is then validated by the automaker or Visteon and published to an app store."

Three features set Phoenix™ apart from conventional infotainment systems:

  • Utilizing HTML5 and chromium browser technology, Phoenix™ enables third-party developers and automakers to easily create apps for the infotainment platform using standard technology and tools.
  • Designed for cybersecurity from the ground up, Phoenix™ is being developed in a way that will meet the intent of the SAE standard J3061 framework.
  • The platform allows secure over-the-air updates, whether at a dealership lot or in the owner's driveway.

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