"Printing with a Purpose" Results in a Donation of 35 3-D Printed Prosthetics to the Enable Community Foundation

SAN DIEGO, April 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ROBO 3D (http://robo3d.com) is pleased to announce that its "Printing with a Purpose" campaign it ran during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has resulted in a donation of 35 3-D printed prosthetics to the Enable Community Foundation (www.enablecommunityfoundation.org), a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to "give the world a helping hand."

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During the four day CES 2016 event, ROBO 3D printed 3D prosthetic pieces for the Enable Community Foundation in real time while demonstrating its latest 3D printers to showcase its print quality and speed.

These donated prosthetic pieces were used in Enable Community Foundation's recent 'Hand-a-thon' held on the expo floor during BodyHacking Con in Austin. Conference participants gathered together to assemble these pieces into hands as a team building event.

"Thirty-five prosthetic hands were put together during the event, with the majority of the pieces coming from ROBO 3D," said Melina Brown, director of case management and quality assurance for the Enable Community Foundation. "We are currently targeting the underserved communities of Latin America to receive them."

"Since our company started around the idea of 3D printed prosthetics, it's a natural progression for us to partner with the Enable Community Foundation," added Braydon Moreno, ROBO 3D founder. "We encourage our own ROBO 3D community to get involved and experience the impact one can make on someone's life and make a difference through 3D printing."

ROBO 3D distributor Aaron Brown of AxisLabs in Grand Rapids, Michigan talks about his own e-NABLE experience. He is currently working on his 54th device for the organization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCDcEJU8dhE

All ROBO 3D printers not only come with twenty 3D files ready to print to get you started on your 3D printing adventure but also "Get Involved" information with explanation on building your prosthetic and how to send it to a child to make a difference. 

About ROBO 3D
ROBO 3D is a company born out of a need for 3D printing while in college. A senior design project in mechanical engineering to build a 3D printed prosthetic leg morphed into building a personal 3D printer, which led to the creation of ROBO 3D.  Since 2012, ROBO 3D has rapidly grown into a leading brand gaining significant traction through major online partners like Amazon and Best Buy. In May 2015, ROBO 3D initiated an international rollout through the signing of distribution agreements in Canada, Latin America and Europe. ROBO 3D products are now being sold in all key international markets and units have shipped to over 2,400 cities worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.robo3d.com .

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About the Enable Community Foundation:
The Enable Community Foundation (ECF) was established in 2014 to advance, generalize, and support the phenomenon of internationally, crowd sourced, digital humanitarian problem solving practiced in the e-NABLE community. Our innovative idea offers a game-changing model for many unmet needs and unseized opportunities. 

e-NABLE, an open community started in 2013 as a map of volunteers and recipients by ECF co-founder Jon Schull, is a fast growing global volunteer assistive technology network built on a loose infrastructure of electronic communications, 3D printing, and good will. A laboratory of social innovation, e-NABLE has proven that large numbers of technologically empowered volunteers are ready, willing and able to donate their time, talent and fellowship to collaboratively design, fabricate and deliver inexpensive assistive devices to those who need them.

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ECF on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Enablehands_ECF

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