The wait is over: USING premieres home entertainment karaoke concept at CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES 2016, a large-scale event for both Chinese and foreign technology companies, including USING, was launched in Las Vegas, US. At CES 2016, attended by electronics enthusiasts the world over, LG and Samsung will release their respective showcase products and technologies. As China's first Internet company to launch the home entertainment karaoke concept at CES, USING has given this year's CES its shining moment.

USING is a karaoke app with various functions, such as recording your own audio and video, showing professional sound effects, giving performance rate, providing mobile live show, cloud-saving and sharing, singing contests and activities. It is covered on various platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, TV sets and so on.

USING-MC (Magic Cube)

USING wireless smart microphone is called the USING-MC(Magic Cube). USING-MC, with its innovative technology, distinguishes itself from the traditional set-top box, bringing the karaoke experience to the living room, even without a smart TV or other display devices. Its built-in USING apps specifically customized for the big screen and has over 100,000 music videos in HD and also integrates video, square dance, online sharing and other capabilities.

According to statistics, non-smart TV has now found its way into 400 million households and has a retention rate of about 1.3, while smart TV, officially launched in 2013, currently has 100 million users.

USING-MC has excellent expansion capability and supports HDMI, AV and component video output. It is compatible with all types of display and audio equipment and can be used to not only sing karaoke, but also make friends and learn square dance.

USING's wireless, real-time listening technology

1. Wireless
USING-MC's U-segment wireless transmission system has a very low latency, superior stability and anti-jamming capability. Without compression, it can achieve high-fidelity sound in the software. So far, only physical, professional-level karaoke roomscan achieve this, but its wireless receiving terminal produces volumes too large for home use. USING-MC utilizes an ultra-small integrated chip to overcome this, enabling users to bring professional KTV equipment into their homes at an affordable price. By combining the U-segment inverter technology independently developed by USING, USING-MC supports 24 microphones working simultaneously within a range of 10 meters, avoids mutual crosstalk between microphones and prevent them from interfering with each other due to the same frequency.

2. Real-time listening
By leveraging its technical strengths, thanks to USING's many years of experience, USING-MC launching the first karaoke app for Android devices that supports real-time monitoring.

Delicate but natural

USING-MC was designed by renowned designer Li Jiafang, two-time recipient of the IF and Red Dot Design Award. Its stylish black and silver exterior and metallic texture delivers the most comfortable and enjoyable karaoke experience to its users.

As the first Chinese company to showcase smart home karaoke products at CES, USING team will continue to develop and improve the home entertainment karaoke platform to create better experiences for its users.

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