At 2016 CES FLYPRO launches XEagle UAV controlled by mouth

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 6, 2016, the world's most prestigious science and technology industry event - the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened in Las Vegas, attracting more than 3,600 exhibitors from 150 countries and regions.

This CES, UAVs have become one of the highlights of the show's many sectors, with DJI, FLYPRO UAV exhibiting its most innovative UAV products. At a press conference at CES, FLYPRO released a smart flying drone controlled by mouth, that is voice control, - the XEagle, a "smartwatch UAV" with one key control, quick automatic obstacle avoidance, intelligent gimbal follow recording and multiple intelligent security protection.

XEagle unveiled at 2016 CES

According to the product information and people who witnessed the feature presentation, XEagle operated differently than other consumer drones. Mainly for sporty people, the functionality of the drone was a highlight as an unprecedented innovation allowed for freedom of movement of both hands making full range of motion possible while recording each wonderful sports moment.

Real photo of XEagle

XEagle does not require a remote control or smartphone to control. You can fly the UAV by mouth, that is voice control, it relies on its accurate speech recognition to follow user voice commands. In addition, all the features of this UAV have been integrated into a smartwatch. Simply pressing a function key on the smartwatch makes "one key control" of such tasks as landing, following, 360°circles and other manipulations possible. "These two features that make the complete liberation of both hands, are very creative, very interesting!" Stephen, a tourist from Australia, told reporter.

While other UAV related technologies are still being developed, the XEagle already has UAV automatic obstacle avoidance function, which is effective when the obstacle is at the distance between 0.1 to 15 meters with relative velocity of 12 meters per second. Meanwhile, with its multiple intelligent security features, the flight safety is best guaranteed.

As a smart sports UAV, its photographic function is also very powerful. Not only able to achieve high-speed 15 m / sec while recording, it also possesses a smart gimbal follow function, ensuring that people being filmed will always be in the center of the screen.

These innovations are designed to maximize the "no condition" of consumer-level UAV control, taking into account the safety of the UAV and its users. 

Large scale production will begin in late January. In early February, the UAVs will be available on the market with prices ranging between 455 and 895 USD. Based on these innovations and leading technologies, the XEagle is very competitive in price.

Other UAV manufacturers have brought out many new products at the CES UAV pavilion and will continue to astound until the show wraps up on January 9th.   


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