Cardberry Announces an Innovative Discount Card Product; the Easy Way to Unload Your Wallet, While Keeping All Your Loyalty Cards at Your Fingertips, at CES 2016

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing Cardberry, an app/device, which replaces your plethora of discount/loyalty cards with a single card or smartphone application. Using our exclusive technology, your wallet becomes lighter and you can quickly select exactly the discount card you need. Experience the discount revolution and learn how to free yourself from multiple cards at our CES 2016 booth #80646, located in the Eureka Park Marketplace.

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Cardberry is a mobile application/device system with which users can quickly upload and easily use all of their discount, rewards, bonus, miles and other loyalty points.

With Cardberry and your smartphone, all your rewards and points are at your fingertips! Cardberry's innovative technology means that regardless of the loyalty card's format, users can upload the card data to the Cardberry mobile application through the Cardberry reader with a simple swipe. Conversely, when users need a physical card, they can easily transfer the information from their smartphone to the Cardberry card via Bluetooth. The Cardberry package comes with a reader that transfers data from the magnetic strip of a user's card to the app in under a minute using QR codes.  A unique benefit of the Cardberry app is that it allows users to share their discounts with their contacts. Simply choose your friend's card (or vice versa), send a request to them and after their confirmation, you can use your friend's discounts or points for 24 hours - taking advantage of their discounts and advantages, while gaining them points. This is a mutually beneficial perk that is one of the advantages Cardberry has over other loyalty apps and cards on the market. Cardberry also has a social sharing function that allows users to notify their contacts of the best loyalty deals available, from within the app.

Currently, the production of Cardberry Version 1 is well on its way and the product team is working diligently on Version 2.0 that will incorporate NFC, RFID, Flash memory and E-ink touchscreen display. These additions will enable users to upload not only loyalty cards but also credit/debit cards and access cards, public transport cards, making Cardberry a secure and truly all-in-one card. Version 2.0 is scheduled to be released in 2016.

VISIT US AT BOOTH #80646 at CES 2016, to learn more about Cardberry.

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