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Securing IoT devices deployment by disrupting the client-server architecture through Online Private Garden (OP Garden) technology, like IoE Eden

San Francisco - 27 December 2021 - The Internet is an open global network, and that is fantastic. But being a global open network opens up for problems with security, as open also means that an attack on an Internet service can come from anywhere on the globe.

The basis of Internet services is a client-server architecture, and servers are inherently automated in the sense that monitoring is abstracted from the hardware and software through interfaces. A minimum of one server hosts the service and access is provided openly or through password protection.

An Online Private Garden (OP Garden) technology, such as the IoE Eden, disrupts this concept by using Device Inclusiveness. What used to be a client in a client/server setup, now becomes included in the interconnected device pool where service information is available system-wide. All devices have access to the service information.

An OP Garden service consists of a secure pool of devices that communicates over public-private key-protected connections and autonomously nominates workflow paths. Each device in an OP Garden service knows of each other and shares a blockchain, the blockchain keeps track of all data movements and verifies that data received comes from another trusted node on the blockchain.

The data movement checksums saved in the blockchain also create the possibility to calculate if a device node is deviating from its assigned task. This is important as any node that deviates, should be isolated and examined as it could be infected by malware, or the hardware can be erroneous. For more details, access our Online Private Garden technology site.

About Internet of Everything Corp

Internet of Everything Corp. develops and manages an Internet-based decentralized End-to-End service platform, consisting of an infrastructure layer, a service layer, and a service management system. IoECorp was born through the merger of Quisnet Inc., a Salt Lake City-based entity focused on bringing new technologies to market, and Quantum1Net, a Silicon Valley and European startup, dedicated to developing the service infrastructure of the Internet of Everything.