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Internet of Everything Corp’s sustainable computing solution for IoT helps to decrease the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) carbon footprint

San Francisco - 23 December 2021 - Internet of Everything Corp has developed a sustainable computing solution for large IoT deployments. A solution that acts upon the current reality of ICT, where a computer wastes nearly HALF the power it consumes and servers lose approximately one-third of their power as heat. As well, forecasts say that Information and Communications Technology could create up to 3.5% of global emissions by 2025 - surpassing both aviation and shipping.

Internet of Everything Corp’s solution takes advantage of IoT installations by accessing its compute power at the installation. By clustering IoT devices to compute clusters, heat generation can be limited as computing is balanced over the devices, and as the devices in an IoT installation are spread out the heat is not generated in one room. Using power-aware compute clusters the compute load can be balanced so that none of the devices run hot.

Other factors to take into account is that AI and Computing can, if not properly planned, be extremely heavy and wasteful of CPU resources. For full sustainability thinking, even the use of what algorithms and methods should be evaluated. Using floating windows for pattern mining in data streams are many times more energy-efficient than processing all the data, instead as a pattern is identified computing kicks in.

This is especially efficient in IoT as the data generated that needs to be refined into information is not constant, but bursting. For example, an intersection is at most times empty, but has short periods of intense rushes, constantly using full computing is automatically being wasteful. As such, we have developed the Eden System.

With an Eden, data can be stored and processed on the devices directly (the so-called edge). Useful and refined Information is then available for services to access and use, reducing the networking traffic and computing power used in data centers tremendously, while also making use of the computing resources of devices that are already in use.

This greatly reduces the bandwidth and energy required by data centers. On top, edge computing also provides the flexibility to operate independently of an Internet connection, enables fast real-time response rates, and cuts cloud costs. Learn more about IoE Corp’s Sustainable Computing solution.

About Internet of Everything Corp

Internet of Everything Corp. develops and manages an Internet-based decentralized End-to-End service platform, consisting of an infrastructure layer, a service layer, and a service management system. IoECorp was born through the merger of Quisnet Inc. a Salt Lake City-based entity focused on bringing new technologies to market and Quantum1Net, a Silicon Valley and European startup, dedicated to developing the service infrastructure of the Internet of Everything.