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Cybercriminals are Looking at IoT Devices: How Can We Negate These Attacks?

If you’re not attending CES 2022, you can catch us this coming January in Chicago and Dallas, where Internet of Everything Corp’s Lead Product Architect and Chairman will be talking about cybersecurity for large and massive IoT devices deployment at:

  • Smart Cities Symposium, January 18-19 in Chicago, IL
  • Distributech International, January 26-28 in Dallas, TX

Presentation Abstract

Cyber-criminals and Cyber-terrorists are looking at IoT devices and their installations as an opportunity to steal information, extort money and attack national critical infrastructure. One of the most simple but efficient attacks is the Denial of Service attack, which is a simple way to take out and extort cloud-based services. There is also targeted ransomware, common malware, DNS hijacking, and other tools these criminals and terrorists use. The one common trait between these attacks is that they in one way or another exploit centralized infrastructure solutions, be it at index, data, service, or user level.

This presentation will explain the threat to IoT devices, explain why IT departments alone are not equipped to handle the monitoring of millions and millions of devices in real-time. And why deployments using current infrastructure solutions as cloud technology are catastrophes waiting to happen.

Want to talk to us at one of these two conferences or book a meeting, demonstration, or presentation? Click below, and we’ll get in touch with you:

About Internet of Everything Corp

Internet of Everything Corp. develops and manages an Internet-based decentralized End-to-End service platform, consisting of an infrastructure layer, a service layer, and a service management system. IoECorp was born through the merger of Quisnet Inc. a Salt Lake City-based entity focused on bringing new technologies to market and Quantum1Net, a Silicon Valley and European startup, dedicated to developing the service infrastructure of the Internet of Everything.