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175, Yeoksam-ro
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 06247
South Korea
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Mark Kim
+82 2-747-7422

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iMediSync is an AI-driven, EEG-centered, digital mental healthcare platform company. We provide early detection, treatment, and telemedicine services for Alzheimer’s dementia as well as other neuropsychiatric disorders through our patented AI brain mapping & scanning solution and wearable helmet device with EEG/HRV measurement and therapeutics.

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News Releases
Dec 30, 2021

iMediSync, a leading AI-driven early detection and therapeutic platform for optimal brain health from Seoul, South Korea announced today that the company will showcase its comprehensive EEG...

Jan 21, 2021

iMediSync successfully debuted its novel headset for mental healthcare, iSyncWave at CES 2021. iSyncWave™ and its AI brain mapping attracted global pharmaceuticals for their trials and global...

Jan 13, 2021

iMediSync is attracting a great attention at CES 2021 with its novel headset, iSyncWave™. It was introduced as one of the Hot Products by the Consumer Electronics Show organizer. iSyncWave™ is...

Jan 8, 2021

AI brain mapping with EEG discovered Alzheimer's brainwave and could detect preclinical Alzheimer's dementia(AD). This has been enabled by an innovative AI technology of iMediSync in brain...

Dec 23, 2020

ALL DIGITAL, Dec 23, 2020/ iMediSync, a biotech startup developing an AI-driven early detection and therapeutic platform for optimal brain health. iMediSync will showcase a groundbreaking EEG...

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