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Yangyoo participates in 'CES 2022' as the first Korean company to show 'Vegan Cheese'.
Yangyoo is excited to introduce a compromise free vegan cheese to the global market that’s superior in Taste and Nutrition!
- Yangyoo will introduce their vegan cheese, developed by 'Armored Fresh', a US subsidiary, for the first time at CES.
- Expected to draw attention as it enters a crowded field of plant-based dairy industry with a product portfolio that is poised to lead the market.

January 2, 2022 - Yangyoo (CEO Luna Oh), a food tech company, will participate for the first time at the ‘CES 2022’ in the 'Food Technology' section, held in Las Vegas, USA in January.

The 'Food Technology' section of CES 2022, where Yangyoo will exhibit, was newly established to showcase the industry's growth and innovation and feature leading food tech companies.Yangyoo will exhibit its 'vegan cheese'that Armored Fresh, a US subsidiary, has developed, and is expecting to draw significant vegan food attention from the global market.Following the 'Impossible food,' Armored Fresh is expected to draw significant vegan food attention from the global market.

Armored Fresh vegan cheese provides flavor and taste comparable to regular cow-milk based cheese by fermenting plant-based protein milk the same way as natural cheese. In addition,you don’t have to compromise nutrition as Armored Fresh vegan cheese contain protein, up to 20%,similar tocow milk cheese.

Armored Fresh cheese is offered in various shapes and flavors so that you can choose according to your taste – in total six types:  Slice, shredded, cube spreadable, camembert, and burrata are available in eight flavors; plain, strawberry, blueberry, citron, garlic herb, spicy jalapeno, including injeolmi, salted caramel & chocolate.

Yangyoo chose CES 2022 to introduce Armored Fresh and deliver the brand message on the international stage.  Visitors to the booth can see and taste samples of our cheese products, learn about our company and our product availability and roadmap, and join our campaign to become a HERO who saves the planet and the environment by completing a simple mission through a QR code.

On the other hand, Yangyoo will start full-fledged sales in the global market to attract a investment in the first quarter of 2022, starting with the participation in CES 2022. Early next year, it plans to launch products using vegan cheese on its own brands, ‘Young Man dduk’, and ‘Spaceman Pizza’.

"It is significant to participate at'CES' as the first Korean food tech company and introduce Armored Fresh vegan cheese," said Andrew Yu, CEO of Armored fresh. “We will continue to serve the global community by innovating and offering products in keeping with our Armored Fresh mission to guard and protect people’s health and well-being, by guarding and protecting our environment and our animals."


[Booth Information]- Yangyoo (Booth No.:53761) 

Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-C, Venetian Ballroom, and Meeting Rooms

About Yangyoo

Yangyoo is a Korea-based company leading the F&B industry by introducing various brands that the market needs through its own developed big-data analysis solution. Among our brand, 청년떡집(Young Man Dduk) has attracted attention through online also in the U.S. with its product collaborated with the BTS character ‘Tinytan’. Recently, we've paid attention to the growing interest in "Vegan Food" caused by the buoyant demand for environmental protection, along with anxiety for various diseases such as Covid-19. That is why Yangyoo established a U.S. subsidiary, Armored Fresh, and has been intense in our Vegan Cheese research.

About Armored Fresh

Armored Fresh is a U.S. subsidiary established by Yangyoo. We provide delicious vegan foods, also protecting the planet and human health. Armored Fresh paves its way with 'vegan cheese,' which couldn't have solved the lack of nutrients and taste compared to animal cheese. We found the key to solving these problems in making vegan cheese by fermentation of plant-based milk, which is the same as natural cheese, through our own technology, which can capture both taste and nutrition. The Armored Freshvegan cheese will be showcased at CES 2022.

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