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South Road, BanTian Street, LongGang District, Shenzhen

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Yaber is the world-famous entertainment projector brand dedicated to creating immersive experiences for everyone. Our focus is on bringing cinema-quality images and enjoyment straight to your home. Each year, Yaber helps nearly 1 million people and families discover that life is always better on the big screen.

Founded by Vicent in 2018, Yaber 's portable and easy-to- use projectors are already known across the globe. Over 46 countries have now embraced the simple beauty of Yaber 's products, with many more to come.

What Makes Yaber Different:

Our dedicated research and development team is always on the lookout for new ways to help people use Yaber 's projectors in their daily lives. With a global outlook, our international team builds products suitable for every lifestyle.

Our Mission & Vision:

As a pioneer in the entertainment projector industry, our mission & vision is to show the world that entertainment projectors can bring the beauty of the big screen straight into people 's homes – and outside them, too.

Yaber Media Kit:

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News Releases
Jan 4, 2023

Yaber, the leading entertainment projector brand, unveils the world's first smart LCD projector: the K2s at CES 2023. Yaber will also exhibit two other newly launched products at the event: the...

Aug 23, 2022

YABER today unveiled their entrance onto Best Buy's online store, opening a new sales channel for consumers in the United States to purchase YABER's game-changing entertainment projectors. More...

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