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Ruth Bridger
Marketing Director of Assistive Products
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Alango - Wear & Hear offers a unique line of hearables with our proprietary audio technology to keep ears young and as a by-product, help keep the mind sharp. 15% of the general population experience some level of hearing loss but because degradation is gradual, many don’t recognize the decline until it becomes serious. By then many experience increased isolation, depression, and even a decline in overall physical and mental health, including dementia. Our hearing enhancement solutions are stylish, self-fit, multi-functional, and affordable, making it easy to address mild-to-moderate hearing loss before it develops into a much more critical problem.

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News Releases
Jan 12, 2021

HAIFA, Israel, Jan. 12, 2021 -- Alango Technologies is presenting a new and important angle to their line of hearables – hearing health as part of the regimen to maintain mental and physical...

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