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Timekettle Empowers Interracial Family Communication
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December 19, 2022 (Shenzhen, China) - As the number of Interracial relationships or marriages has increased in the globalized world, the notion of family has expanded in recent decades beyond the traditional monoracial nuclear family. Multiracial families are those consisting of parents of different races and their biracial/multiracial offspring.

Approximately 13% of marriages in the United States include persons of different races, and interracial marriage rates for Asians and Latinos/as are nearly 3 times that of Blacks and 5 times that of Whites. In fact, by the late 1990s, more than 30% of Asian or Latino/a individuals had spouses of another race (most often White). Such changes have caused a considerable increase in the population of biracial children and multiracial families in the United States. According to the 2000 Census, by the year 2050, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people will identify as multiracial.

Recently, Timekettle and Tiktok influencer @valentinasinfiltros have co-hosted a giveaway event on social media, asking “What will the special things multiracial families do at Christmas?”, receiving more than 600 responses in more than 40 languages from all over the world.

In some cases, one party in those families are immigrant living away from his or her hometown. Since the international travel restrictions have been eased, international travel to visit family members become possible again. Many users said they have booked fight tickets and look forward to reuniting with their loved ones. The most popular family event at Christmas is making and eating food together. At the dinner table of transnational families, the food diversity is making the Christmas feast even more fun as different cultures have their traditional cuisines.

Christmas is when family and friends get together with a lot of chatting and laughing, but for transnational families, the language barrier might make the most common thing seem difficult, fortunately, Timekettle AI translator earbuds have helped our users make it simple and enjoyable.

Multiracial families are the third largest user group of Timekettle, taking up to 30% percent of the total amount of hundreds of thousands of global users, which surprising and interesting fact, as this user group has not been taken into account at the beginning of the product launch. But when looking closer, they are all wonderful people with lovely souls and stories. Here is what we have found out.

Apart from special occasions like Christmas, Timekettle has been also playing an essential role in multiracial families’ day-to-day life. In an extreme case, the use time is as high as 8 hours a day and 1000 hours in total since purchase in mid-2022. The users are an English-speaking man and his Spanish-speaking girlfriend, he said in an interview with our user researcher that the current 7.5h continuous translation time is still not enough. At the household level, Timekettle’s users with high frequency are mainly transnational couples with old-age local husbands and relatively young wives settled down as ex-pats. Those using the product with a partner often have educational goals in mind. Our research shows more than 50% of multiracial family users would like to study new languages for better communication at home, and Timekettle can significantly improve their communication quality at the initial stage.  After a while, they may start learning the language and practice speaking and listening without translation help. Those who are learning a new language, but just want to take a break from practicing and relax with a partner, can also benefit from Timekettle.

Timekettle has worked with DatingNews in 2020 - a central place for everything there is to read about in the dating world, to explore the potential to better bridge the gap between interracial families and couples who grew up speaking a different language, with the AI translator earbuds.

One Timekettle customer, a man from the Philippines, married a woman from the United States. Though he spoke some English, he still struggled to communicate with his American in-laws. But Timekettle devices allowed him to have a fluid conversation with them and forge a stronger relationship.

Furthermore, the newly-settled immigrants will have to gradually get out of the household and try to navigate their way in the new environment, making friends, volunteering in the community, or finding a job, which all require a certain level of language proficiency. It is where Timekettle can help at the societal level, our users bring the translator earbuds when they go out for food shopping, run errands, attend meetings with friends, go to church, and work. Basically, Timekettle has become a reliable companion for them 24/7.

The Timekettle team aims to make products as immersive as possible. That means speeding up conversations by translating into a user’s earpiece in real time. For example, when two partners are having a conversation, one says something in one language and waits for another person to hear it in their earbuds. Then that person responds in his or her preferred language. The system speeds up traditional translation by 50% because the real-time aspect means it flows more like a real conversation. Timekettle also differentiates by focusing on daily, natural conversations people have, rather than on formal communication.

As a company, Timekettle believes that intercultural interaction is the vehicle for driving the mobility and progression of the world, and we want to celebrate multiculturalism and cultural diversity with our users. Because it encourages open-mindedness amongst different groups of people and dispels negative stereotypes. This is extremely important as the UN reported that 1/3 of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension to them. Not only does cultural diversity promote peace, but it also makes our society a more interesting place to live.  

About Timekettle

Established in 2016, Timekettle is an industry-leading translation solutions provider recognized by winning numerous international awards such as CES Innovation Award, IF Design Award, and TechCrunch. As the top-selling brand in the Translator Device industry, Timekettle now serves about 300,000 users worldwide. 

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