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Timekettle Empowers Inbound and outbound Travelers
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    Timekettle - M3 Travel translation earbuds - Exploration of transnational life

December 19, 2022 (Shenzhen, China) - Followed by more and more countries relaxing the travel restrictions, outbound, and inbound travel is finally back after the 3-year ongoing pandemic. As of now, 151 countries had scrapped all entry restrictions — including pre-arrival COVID tests, quarantines, and vaccinations — and reopened for tourism, according to the American travel website Travel Off Path. Most recently, China, the country with the world’s strictest travel policy, has also begun to lift the travel curbs by shortening the COVID quarantine times requirement for inbound travelers.

Searches for international flights to China saw a “significant increase” in the past week, up by 351% year-on-year and close to 2019 levels, according to data from online travel agency Group. Bookings for inbound flights to China also surged by 427% from the same period last year, it’s foreseeable for international travelers will recover in 2023. 

AI translator earbuds manufacturer Timekettle has in collaboration with premium hotels such as Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Daxing Beijing, InterContinental Century City Chengdu, and DoubleTree by Hilton Foshan-Nanhai, provided translator earbuds for clients in need to use for free at the reception of the lobbies. These clients are mostly for important international business trips, and the convenient, hands-free, and accurate translation is an inseparable part of the quality hotel services that match the high expectations of the clients.

Apart from traveling for business purposes, another reason for international traveling is sightseeing. Compared to short, quick trips, in-depth traveling is preferable for those who are in pursuit of authenticity when traveling abroad, immersing themselves in exotic cultures and making the best of it. To a certain extent, the level of engagement with the locals represents the depth of travel. However, the language barrier seems to be an obvious obstacle for every traveler, we have to admit that not everyone would and could spend months or even years learning different languages just for traveling.

Timekettle’s translator earbuds M3 and Fluentalk T1 are designed to meet in-depth travelers’ demands in communicating properly and building meaningful relationships with locals. According to Timekettle’s user analytics, the main destinations for American and European travelers are Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philips. Timekettle’s products have appeared in many traveling influencers' videos as they explore the world. For example, on Tah Jetiyamon’s trip to Hanoi Vietnam experience the unexpected; on The Yarbros‘s trip to Manta, Ecuador to find hidden treasures and eat great food, experiencing the bountiful wildlife of this area, and engage with some of the most friendly and warm individuals in all of Ecuador; on Jonny There Is Something Happening trip to Thailand and took his Thai girlfriend for a first date.

About Timekettle

Established in 2016, Timekettle is an industry-leading translation solutions provider recognized by winning numerous international awards such as CES Innovation Award, IF Design Award, and TechCrunch. As the top-selling brand in the Translator Device industry, Timekettle now serves about 300,000 users worldwide. 

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