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Timekettle Empowers English Language Learners and Increases Fairness in Education

December 19, 2022 (Shenzhen, China) - In Early December 2022, Tech company Timekettle was invited to attend the Ottumwa Community School District Board Meeting in the U.S. of Iowa to showcase its innovative AI translator earbuds, facilitating non-English speaking students to learn English and other curriculums. This award-winning product is the most powerful translator earbuds in the world and Ottumwa Schools are among many schools using it across the U.S. The joint effort by technology and educational institutions plays a significant part in providing equal access to all students. 

The language barrier is a common challenge faced by English Language Learners (ELLs) and English as a Second Language (ESL) in multicultural classrooms, especially in English-speaking countries with high percentages of immigrants where school performance of students highly relies on proficiency in English. An effective way to communicate with ELLs is crucial for the Ottumwa school district, whose over 20% of its 5, 000 students speak 45 languages. The best solution available is Timekettle’s translator earbuds WT2 Edge, tiny yet powerful, which can translate up to 40 languages and 93 accents in real time, enabling natural and long-lasting conversations. And it’s not solely for language teaching but for math, science, etc. The goal is to flatten the learning curve in the initial stage, the quicker the students get proficient in English, the more confident they will be in achieving good grades.

Timekettle’s world-first translator earbuds are embedded with the industry-leading HybridComm™  system, which subverts the shackles of conventional translation products - handheld translators and translation Apps are not user-friendly because people need to pass the device back and forth to each other - by adopting an entirely different technical design to advance products in speech processing, simultaneous interpretation, and AI translation.

There are hundreds of WT2 Edge in use in the Ottumwa school district. The Co-founder of Timekettle, Alex Qin said, “Timekettle will keep upgrading its hardware and software in Google Play to optimize the capability for Chromebook and user experiences in educational settings.”

In order to solve the pain points in cross-language education, Timekettle will continue to optimize the user experience and innovate greater tools for seamless and hazel-free teaching and learning occasions. More user-friendly, education-focused product innovations are in the pipeline and are estimated to be released in Quarter 2 of 2023, which will cover all possible educational scenarios including 1v1(one-on-one), 1vN(one-to-many), NvN(many-to-many). Meanwhile, Timekettle plans to establish a database engine cluster exclusive to serve educational and governmental users with extra long battery life and secure data privacy. Alongside this, Timekettle will further increase the investment in marketing to engage with more professional channel sales agents to provide better services for educational institution users and enhance fairness in education on a larger scale.

Timekettle’s Education Program:

Teachers are able to do what they want to do: teach

Now teachers keep on teaching at their normal pace without interruption or pause. Multiple ESL students hear or read translations immediately and do not miss a single word. Teachers and students can even respond to questions in their own language, just by an easy tap on the earbud.

Classroom, workshop, and assembly, hands-free and noise proof

When people are talking at the same time, only the users’ voices would be translated. Earbuds work even better than the human ear in noisy workshops to provide transcription and translation, assisted by built-in noise cancelation technology. Users can be away from each other within 30 feet/10 meters range and still get a translation.

No more stress in communication with parents, save a lot of time on handouts

Smoothy and more eye contact in conversations with ESL students and parents. 1 minute or 180 minutes long, all transcription and translation can be copied, shared by email, and edited easily. Data only save on local devices.


Testimony from educational users

“It's our job as educators to be able to provide students with equal access and a design for education that everyone has the same opportunities."

Savannah Chenaul
Teacher at Danville Middle School, California



“I don't have to stop. And I can teach them when I am teaching everybody else. And they are getting it translated in their own language."

Katy Tabor
Teacher at Chillicothe High School, Texas


“I believe this is a really good solution to an issue that has to be addressed and will help kids be more successful and more excited about being in school, as well as help teachers in being able to do what they want to do: to teach."

Tyson Eslinger
Superintendent at Deerfield School District, Kansas