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Somalytics SomaCap Sensor Honored by CES Innovation Awards
New powerful, CNT-based paper composite capacitive sensor recognized for groundbreaking advancements in embedded technology

SEATTLE, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Consumer Technology Association today recognized Seattle-area technology pioneer Somalytics Inc. as a 2023 CES Innovation Awards honoree in the Embedded Technology category for SomaCap — a groundbreaking new type of capacitive sensor. Somalytics is advancing the human experience with the Internet of Things through revolutionary new sensors that dramatically enhance natural interaction with and control of the digital world. 

  • New product unveiling! Somalytics will introduce an exciting new wearable wellness product that uses eye tracking to improve your health at CES Unveiled on Jan. 3.
  • Visit Somalytics during CES 2023 Jan. 5-8: Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall, booth No. 18490.

"We are thrilled and grateful to CTA for this award and for shining a huge spotlight on our groundbreaking SomaCap sensor technology for the world," said Barbara Barclay, CEO of Somalytics. "CTA and CES provide an amazing global stage on which to showcase major innovations that will improve, change and save lives, and we are excited to be among the other celebrated innovators who are working toward those goals. Our new capacitive sensors are so unique and powerful they will help usher in an entirely new era of capacitive sensor technology that has the potential to not only transform eye tracking but also deliver on the full promise of the Internet of Things that has perhaps been imagined but not yet fully realized."

The patent-pending carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors can "feel" human presence at up to 200 mm, making them a valuable embedded technology for companies and developers seeking to revolutionize human-machine interfaces, wellness monitoring and safety applications. Somalytics' eye, gesture, touch and fluid monitoring sensors offer transformative solutions for eye tracking, consumer electronics, IoT, health and wellness, transportation, and more. The possibilities are nearly limitless. 

Somalytics sensors are disruptive because they deliver greater sensitivity in a smaller size and at a lower cost than other available sensor technologies. They have unique properties that will enable IoT and human experience in ways that were not possible before. The tiny, yet powerful nanotechnology infused paper capacitive sensors range in size from 1 mm to 11 mm and are as thin as a human hair. 

In August, Somalytics closed a seed funding round of $1.9 million to launch mass production of its award-winning new sensors and develop concepts for consumer tech product development. 

Founded in 2021 as a spinoff of CoMotion, the University of Washington's collaborative innovation hub, Somalytics is funded by hard science investment firm IP Group Inc. with support from WRF Capital.

By the end of 2023, Somalytics expects to be mass-producing its unique sensors from its new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Redmond, Washington, which it moved into this summer.

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About Somalytics

Somalytics is bringing better sense to the digital world. The nanotechnology startup is commercializing a patent-pending CPC capacitive sensor, which is a new technology developed by University of Washington researchers in collaboration with CoMotion. Somalytics' eye, gesture, touch and fluid monitoring sensors are miniature and highly sensitive to the human body. They are designed to improve the human experience through innovations in eye tracking, consumer electronics, AR/VR, IoT, health and wellness, and transportation. Follow us on LinkedIn and