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SK to showcase cutting-edge 'Net-Zero' technologies at CES 2023
  • SK to display over 40 eco-friendly technologies and products ranging from state-of-the-art batteries for electric vehicles to Urban Air Mobility solutions and sustainable foods
  • Eight SK companies and 10 global partner companies to demonstrate technological capabilities for cutting carbon emissions
  • SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won and 10 SK CEOs to gather in Las Vegas, seeking opportunities to expand partnerships for carbon reduction

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SK Group and its global partners will show the present and future of some of the world's top eco-friendly carbon reduction technologies at CES 2023, a global technology event being held January 5-8 in Las Vegas. SK Group, which is building a diverse set of carbon-reduction technologies across different industries, will display more than 40 related new technologies and products.

Eight SK companies and 10 global partners will participate in the SK booth under the theme "Together in Action: Moving Toward a Carbon-free Future Together." SK participating companies include SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK E&S, SK hynix, SK Telecom, SK ecoplant, SKC and SK Biopharmaceuticals. Some of the partner companies to be featured at the booth include Plug Power, Plastic Energy, TerraPower and Solid Power.

The booth builds on SK Group's announcement at last year's CES to reduce 200 million tons of carbon emissions in 2030, or 1% of global targets needed to address climate change. At CES 2023, SK has chosen "Together in Action" as a theme to demonstrate its commitment to working with partners around the world to bring new carbon-cutting technologies to market.

SK CES booth draws attention to the need for net-zero solutions

The SK exhibition hall is divided into two zones: "Future Marks" and "SK, Around Every Corner." The "Future Marks" zone uses state-of-the-art media technologies to show a future the world may face without taking action to address the climate crisis. Visitors will see the impact of rising sea levels against the backdrop of world landmarks. The display ends with a pointed message: "Time to act now…Let's go on a net-zero journey together."

The main exhibition area, "SK, Around Every Corner," is designed as a space where visitors can experience a broad range of carbon reduction solutions from SK and its global partners. This zone shows the image of a future city where SK's net-zero technology is implemented in everyday life and is divided into six themes: Clean Mobility, Zero Carbon Lifestyle, Waste to Resources, Air Mobility, Green Digital Solutions and Future Energy.

Some of the world's best carbon-reduction technologies featured in one place

SK and its partner companies use the main exhibit space to showcase a range of carbon-cutting technologies, including state-of-the-art batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), urban air mobility (UAM) solutions that can lower pollution, small modular reactors (SMR), hydrogen energy solutions, and sustainable food. In addition, "SK Tech Day" will be held on the January 5 and 6 to unveil net-zero technologies and business blueprints. Featured technologies include:

  • SK On will exhibit a SF (Super-Fast) battery with the fastest charging speed among commercially available batteries. Applying a special coating technology, it can be charged up to 80% in 18 minutes and can run more than 400 km on a single charge. In recognition of its performance, SF Battery won the CES 2023 Best Innovation Award in the category of Embedded Technologies for the first time in the battery industry, followed by the Innovation Award in the Vehicle Technology and Advanced Mobility category.
  • TerraPower, jointly invested by SK Inc. and SK Innovation, will show a sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) that is expected to be a carbon-neutral power source, along with its Small Modular Reactor (SMR).
  • SK Telecom will exhibit an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solution that can save time and reduce pollution, artificial intelligent (AI) semiconductor SAPEON that uses less power, and a virtual power plant for renewable energy. A life-size UAM simulator for virtual experience is built in the exhibition hall, which shows how SAPEON helps UAM aircraft operation and a virtual power plant supply power to aircraft and vertiports (airfields).
  • SK Inc. will operate outdoor food trucks with sustainable food at the nearby Central Plaza. The trucks will offer visitors eco-friendly foods such as SK-Bingsu (Sustainable Korea- Bingsu), a Korean shaved ice cream dessert, using alternative milk protein from Perfect Day, and alternative protein cream cheese from Nature's Fynd, both of which it has invested in.
  • SK Signet, a leader in ultra-fast charging service for electric vehicles in the U.S., will introduce a new charging technology, and SK earthon will introduce its carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.
  • SK ecoplant will share WAYBLE, a solution that digitally tracks and manages the entire life cycle of waste. The technology won the Innovation Award in CES 2023 in the Smart City category, and SK geo centric will present core technologies that produce petrochemical raw materials using oil extracted from waste plastic.

SK leadership to strengthen net-zero partnership, support Busan's bid to host the World Expo 2030

The CES booth will be visited by SK's top leaders, including Chey Tae-won, Chairman of SK Group; Chey Jae-won, Executive Vice Chairman of SK On; Choi Chang-won, Vice Chairman of SK Discovery; Cho Dae-sik, Chairman of the SK Supex Council; and executives of major SK companies.

Chairman Chey, who has led SK Group's pursuit of net zero, plans to tour the SK booth and other company exhibits to see the latest carbon-reducing technologies. In particular, he will seek ways to cooperate with global companies to achieve net zero, while also asking for help in hosting the Busan Expo.

In this regard, SK will carry out various activities to support the 2030 Busan Expo during the CES tech show. In the central lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where major global companies have installed exhibitions, large banner advertisements will be posted to promote the activities to host the Busan Expo.

CEOs of each SK company will also visit the exhibitions of other companies and hold meetings to strengthen global partnerships for carbon reduction. Jang Dong-hyun, Vice Chairman of SK Inc., will meet with executives of sustainable food companies invested by SK Inc., such as Perfect Day and Wildtype. SK hynix Vice Chairman Park Jung-ho plans to hold a meeting with CEOs of leading global semiconductor companies and ICT companies. SK Telecom CEO Yoo Young-sang, SK E&S CEO Choo Hyeong-wook, SK geo centric CEO Na Kyung-soo, SKC CEO Park Won-cheol, and SK ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il will also hold business meetings with executives of their partner companies.

"This CES will be an opportunity to show that SK is a company pursuing businesses and advancing technologies across a broad area of industries to significantly reduce carbon emissions," said Hyunho Son, Vice President of Strategy Support Team for the SK SUPEX Council, a coordinating body across SK companies. "We look forward to joining forces with more global companies to transition to a net zero world."

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