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Schneider Electric's Wiser Home Energy Management App Named 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree
  • Wiser App simplifies home energy measurement & control to increase efficiency, saves on energy bills and allows homeowners to live more sustainably
  • Award reflects company's leadership and innovation in home energy management systems as well as commitment to making homes more efficient and sustainable

BOSTON, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced that its Wiser home energy management app currently available in Europe received special honors at this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES) being named a 2023 Innovation Award Honoree in the Smart Home category. The award recognizes outstanding design and engineering in technology products, focusing on sophisticated monitoring and control solutions.

Homeowners worldwide are facing significant energy challenges, including rising utility rates, energy scarcity, unreliable energy distribution and a global climate crisis. This is further complicated by homes accounting for 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions. To properly address these challenges, homeowners need innovative solutions to make homes more sustainable, while managing energy use, finding efficiencies and ensuring reliable and cost-effective power without compromising on convenience and comfort.

"Consumers recognize the importance of sustainability in the face of climate issues, and they are also feeling the impact of rising energy costs and the importance of reliable energy as they spend an increasing amount of time in their homes," said YiFu Qi, Executive Vice President Home & Distribution at Schneider Electric. "Thankfully, digital tools are available now and can be easily implemented to help consumers address these home energy challenges. We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition from CES for the Wiser Home Energy App, which brings new levels of insight and control to homeowners, simplifying energy management to make their homes more sustainable and more efficient."

Truly intelligent home energy management
The Wiser App from Schneider Electric makes it simple for homeowners to monitor and manage their energy use, predict spending and set budgets to reduce their bills, and prepare for a more sustainable future – all in just a few quick taps:

  • Whole Home Energy Control: The Wiser App ensuring homeowners have fully integrated control over their home energy. From the electrical heating system to the EV charger and everything in between, this single app helps homeowners manage even the largest energy loads. The app also compares energy use against similar homes in the area to help set goals and share what levels of efficiency are achievable. 
  • Energy Use Insight: Homeowners can monitor power consumption in real-time to see exactly where energy is being used. This allows them to easily identify devices consuming energy that they may not be aware of or see appliances drawing more power than expected. With this insight, they can quickly make decisions to optimize their energy use. As utility bills continue increasing, insights, tools and handheld control of a home's power consumption have never been more important.
  • EV Charging optimization: This app also controls the recently launched EV charger, EVlink Home Smart. This provides new levels of savings and sustainability by charging an EV when there is less need for home power and the cost for electricity is lowest. For example, if a consumer must charge their vehicle at night to be fully charged in the morning, they simply plug in when they return home, and the Wiser App will start the charge automatically at a specific time when costs are lowest to avoid higher rates when more energy is needed from the grid.
  • Load Balancing: Thanks to integrated intelligence, the Wiser App automatically balances the loads, so homeowners are not without power at critical times – like when cooking dinner while an EV is charging – which may happen with other systems. When the system recognizes other loads, like an oven or cooktop, the EV charge is automatically slowed or even paused, allowing the homeowner to cook without adjusting their system and, when finished, the Wiser App allows the EV charge to return to full speed. 
  • Green Power Prioritization: Wiser can provide the greenest power available by prioritizing the electrical loads when renewable power is available. With the challenge to reduce CO2 emissions from homes, this feature is particularly handy.

The CES Innovation Awards are chosen from product and accessory nominations that provide consumers with sophisticated monitoring and control over building functions and/or enable users to maintain a wired or wireless data network, including products and software that offer remote access. Award winners are chosen by a panel of judges who are highly respected experts in their fields, and evaluate based on the engineering, design, and innovation of the products nominated.

Discover the Wiser App, and the full line of home energy management solutions from Schneider Electric by visiting

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