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  • $5 Ubiquity Transmitter - Powered by Powercast Episode 10
  • Powercast CES 2023 Quick Booth Tour
    Director of Strategic Partnerships Eric Biehl tours us through Powercast’s CES 2023 booth, highlighting the new Ubiquity RF wireless transmitter and the company’s goal to make wireless power available everywhere.
  • Bathroom of the Future - Powered by Powercast Episode 7
    Explains why the bathroom is ideal for RF-wirelessly-charged products. It has to do with wires and electricity, mold and how often these devices are used. One RF transmitter can charge multiple toothbrushes, electric shavers and other RF-enabled devices over the air. RF wireless technology can eliminate 1) wires around water and hence the chance for electric shock, and 2) the inconveniences of the electric toothbrush - no more dock to accumulate grime, and no more need for batteries that often corrode from water seeping in.