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Marelli CES 2023 Preview #2: Diorama Display promotes driver safety by enhancing in-cabin vehicle communication
• Marelli’s Diorama Display reflects high-contrast information onto the bottom edge of the windshield, safely providing key data to the driver
• Marelli’s booth at CES offers an exclusive experience to feature the company’s latest innovations that drive vehicle personality and performance
• Guests can customize their own vehicle by choosing from a curated selection of lighting, sensing, electronics, and interior options in Marelli’s Digital Design Studio
At CES 2023, global automotive supplier Marelli will be showcasing its Diorama Display to present a new in-cabin vehicle experience, alongside a wide selection of its cutting-edge innovations. From January 5-7, 2023, the company will be present in Las Vegas, NV, at the Wynn Hotel, Latour Ballroom 5 & 6, offering an invitation-only, interactive experience that will allow guests to co-create the future of mobility.  
The Diorama Display technology provides high quality reflections on the bottom edge of the windshield, depicting images for navigation, indicators, warnings, etc. from a TFT source placed at its base. It ensures clear visibility and readability no matter what time of day or road environment.  
The solution offers a much larger viewing angle compared to most heads up displays, with the ability to span and display information to all vehicle occupants. Alternative to a single display, the pillar-topillar modular configuration allows a driver to easily recognize objects in their blind spot.  
Utilizing scaled technology and limited mechanical content that is easily integrated into the existing surface area, it provides both cost and space saving solutions to customers.  
In addition to the Diorama Display, those visiting Marelli’s hospitality suite at CES will experience the company’s latest technology portfolio that drives vehicle personality and performance. In-demand features will be brought to life in the space through Marelli’s latest concept models and digital configurators.  
Customers will be invited to define their brand’s personality or DNA by configuring their own vehicle, choosing from a curated selection of lighting, sensing, electronics, and interior options featured in Marelli’s Digital Design Studio. Users will have the option to select their features from designated personality styles or create their own unique design.  


About Marelli

MARELLI is one of the world’s leading global independent suppliers to the automotive sector. With a strong and established track record in innovation and manufacturing excellence, our mission is to transform the future of mobility through working with customers and partners to create a safer, greener, and better-connected world. With around 50,000 employees worldwide, the Marelli footprint includes 170 facilities and R&D centers across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa, generating revenues of 1,380 billion JPY (10.6 billion EUR) in 2021.