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LG Innotek's 'Nexlide-M' even 'Turns On' Daytime Running Lights
- Launched a new flexible stereoscopic automotive lighting product
- Brighter and more uniform lighting... Improving design flexibility with thin width
- Ramp up market occupation targeting premium vehicles

SEOUL, South Korea, June 9, 2023  /PRNewswire/ -- LG Innotek (CEO Jeong Cheol-dong) has announced on the 9th, June that it has developed 'Nexlide-M,' a flexible stereoscopic automotive lighting.

Nexlide is LG Innotek's light automotive lighting component made by attaching multiple light source packages to a thin substrate.

A soft and curling material, resin is applied to 'Nexlide-M' newly developed this time. In turn, it can be mounted on automobile lighting devices in various designs including daytime running lights (DRL) and rear combination lamp (RCL, including tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals). 

Especially, the advantage of 'Nexlide-M' is more clear light with minimized number of parts. Without additional components, line and surface images can be realized with light by only using light sources.

Above all, 'Nexlide-M' is four times brighter than the existing products. Since this product can illuminate up to 500 CD(Candela, a unit that shows brightness of a light source), which is a global legal standard for daytime running lights, it can be applied in various bodywork of a vehicle.

  • Brighter and more uniform lighting... Improving design flexibility with thin width

Daytime running lights require bright visibility that can be discerned even in broad daylight. By applying a differentiated technology, LG Innotek enabled lighting to illuminate stably even during daytime.

To spread light evenly, it requires an 'air gap' with a certain width, inside the light. An air gap is necessary for the light to spread out evenly. However, since there is a restriction on making slim lighting due to the volume of an air gap, it was an industry's task to minimize it.

  By completely eliminating an air gap with a new method, 'Nexlide-M' succeeded in reducing its width to 8mm, which is merely 30% of the existing Nexlide (24mm) products.  Applying a new product enables free designing, which helps improve a level of completion of an automobile lighting design.

Moreover, light spreads more evenly in 'Nexlide-M.' Even when configured in various angles and shapes, light is seamlessly emitted without stains.

  • Ramp up market occupation targeting premium vehicles

By putting 'Nexlide-M' forward, LG Innotek plans to accelerate in ramping up the global automobile lighting market. While premium-level automobiles require luxurious designs, 'Nexlide-M' is a product optimized to realize them.

Recently, demands on new designs and animations are getting higher in the automobile lighting market, especially among premium automobiles. That is because lighting attached to the automobile grill can play a role of communication between pedestrians and automobile or display a driving status of an autonomous vehicle using a specific color. 

Since 'Nexlide-M' can realize pixel lighting (a lighting design that places small stereoscopic lights repetitively) and RGB (displays colors using three primary colors of light; red, green, and blue), it has outstanding design usability compared to other lightings. 

Another advantage is that the light source can be configured to a single, thin and long linear module. A long light with a length of more than 1m, it can be elegantly designed along with curves of an automobile. Various animation effects are also available.

According to Ryu In-soo, LG Innotek's Motor&Lighting (M&L) Vice President, "'Nexlide-M' boasts not only excellent functions of automobile lighting but also artistic design." He said that LG Innotek will "continuously present products that can provide differentiated customer value in the future."

According to Reports Insights, a global market research institute, a global automobile lighting market was estimated to be 21.9 billion dollars in 2022 and is predicted to reach 32.08 billion dollars by 2030.