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Immotor Announces Exciting New Products Aimed at Providing the Most Innovative and Stylish Power Stations for Outdoor Users

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- IMMOTOR, a green energy technology company, launches its BAY Series of Portable Power Station for outdoor users on IndiegogoThe BAY Series products include BAY500 with 542.9Wh and BAY1000 with 1023Wh battery capacity.

Stylish, Portable and Safe

The BAY Series is designed with a premium aluminum-alloy body construction, leather-wrapped stainless steel handle, a delicate magnetic ports cover and comes with a variety of colors. It's the most light-weighted and stylish outdoor power station comparing to any other products in the market that offer the same power supply. BAY Series also features electric automotive grade Lithium-ion cells which provide a safe and stable power supply, while having up to 1000+ battery life cycles.

Fast and Powerful Charging

BAY500 is designed to work quietly and efficiently without a cooling fan. With a maximum 300W fast charging (that is 2*TYPE-C PD100W Charging + 100W DC Charging), BAY500 can be fully recharged within 2 hours. BAY1000 is designed with super fast charging technology and can be fully recharged in 1.3 hours with 1000W AC charging. 

Portable solar panel provides an additional charging option.

Diverse Charging Capacities

With a 500W and 1200W AC output, IMMOTOR BAY Series can power most portable devices/appliances including coffee makers, electric kettles, laptops, camp lights, electric bikes, bottle warmers, portable refrigerators etc. With 2 AC outputs and up to 9 DC/USB/PD outputs, it can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Both models also provide 15W wireless phone charging, car charging, and AC & DC pass-through charging.

Smart App Control

BAY Series comes with a user-friendly smartphone app, which allows users to easily monitor the power station battery life cycle, to control each output port according to the individual device needs, as well as to customize the multi-color ambient lighting.

Matching Products

To maximize the convenience and comfort of your outdoor experience, IMMOTOR BAY Series is introduced with the following matching products: Waterproof roller Carrying case, Protective bag, Portable solar panels, Portable refrigerators(40w) and Electric blanket, etc.

NFT Bonus

It is the FIRST outdoor power station that offers NFT rewards with blockchain and Web 3.0 technology. BAY Series users will be rewarded a NFT that can generate crypto by using the power station. The more they use, the more crypto asset they will be rewarded.

This is truly an innovative and creative way to encourage users to use green energy - not surprising for Immotor to come up with something like this as Immotor is known for its dedication to green energy technology innovations.

"At IMMOTOR, while we focus on technology innovation and creative designs, we are also committed to the highest quality of all our products." IMMOTOR founder and CEO Daniel said, "with the BAY Series, we wish to enhance the outdoor experience by providing the most powerful, convenient and reliable green energy power stations for the outdoor users around the world, so that they can enjoy the beauty of the nature knowing that they also contribute to maintaining it!"

About Immotor

Founded in 2015, Immotor Technology is a pioneer battery-swapping network provider for electrical motorcycles in China. In 2017, Immotor launched the world's first mobility network platform consisting of super battery, battery-swapping station, mobility network management system, APP and big data platform. Immotor currently has operations in 50+ cities in China and has over 1 million accumulated rider users. Recently, Immotor has also entered the Southeast Asian market through its partnership with PTT in Thailand, and Petronas in Malaysia. Since it's perception, Immotor is committed to green energy technology innovations and strives to develop stylish and powerful Energy-efficient products to better customers' life.

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