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2023 has just begun, and at Goose we're setting sights on innovation

LAS VEGAS -- In January, Goose will participate in one of the most influential tech events in the world: CES.

The company is excited to connect with its community and open new markets to share its powerful one-stop SaaS platform dedicated to facilitating entertainment access around the World.

This year Goose is heavily betting on its revolutionary technology, bringing to the table an all-in-one solution for businesses to build and operate their streaming services and helping them monetize their LiveTV and Video on Demand content as easily as it comes.

That´s why, Goose started the year by launching Goose Ultra Security Video SaaS, guaranteeing customers worldwide a completely secure experience and data safeguard, and at the same time maintaining its purpose of always being at the vanguard of quality and development.

Goose’s main selling points are clients do not need technical knowledge, a big software engineering team, or a huge Capex investment to be able to launch a top-notch OTT service. Clients only need to connect their content, and they are ready to launch.

CES is not the only stop for Goose, which has already confirmed its presence on AndinaLink, Nab Show, CABSAT, and IBC. So make sure to visit them and keep an eye on what’s next to come, as Goose looks to the future with more innovation.