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Baracoda Reveals Personalized Coaching Experience for BBalance, World’s First Smart Bath Mat
BBalance measures weight, body composition, posture and balance to personalize and guide users through balance, musculoskeletal (MSK), breathing and centering exercises

Paris, France — January 5, 2023 — Daily healthtech pioneer Baracoda today announced it has added an innovative coaching experience to BBalance Matscale™, the world’s first smart bath mat. Unlike the first generation of smart scales, the CES 2022 Innovation Award winner makes cutting-edge technology nearly invisible by seamlessly blending into routines and its surroundings as a luxury bath mat. BBalance also delivers important measures beyond weight, including insights into body composition, posture and balance. Now, BBalance uses this data to generate a personalized coaching experience for each user that includes guided breathing, balance, meditation and MSK exercises.

Baracoda’s preventative health technology specialists developed BBalance’s patent-pending Footprint ID Technology in consultation with medical experts to help consumers monitor their health at home while removing the awkwardness and stress sometimes associated with stepping on a scale.

"As a behavioral scientist, I believe creating lasting habits requires intelligent devices that can insert themselves effortlessly into our daily routines and that know how to translate complex data into daily rewards and motivating insights,” said Pierre Chandon, Director, INSEAD Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab (Research Center). “That’s why I am optimistic that BBalance will set a new milestone for daily healthtech.”

Covered in a washable, 100% cotton luxury cover but connected to a companion smartphone app with a unique Apple Watch experience, BBalance measures balance, analyzing a user’s center of gravity and pressure. By observing balance and posture over time, BBalance’s software can detect subtle changes and predict fall risk for elderly people. The BBalance coaching experience features a library of short exercises based on the user’s profile and objective and is accompanied by live feedback. The library includes exercises that focus on improving balance, helping users strengthen lower leg muscles and increase joint flexibility. Also included are posture and core exercises that enhance each user’s ability to sense their own body movement and improve motor control over joints, while increasing core strength.

“Every scale measures weight, but maintaining good health is about more than one number – it’s about finding balance,” said Jean Marc Druesne, CEO, BBalance. “Regardless of whether you’re excited about new health metrics or you normally hate stepping on a scale, BBalance helps each person focus on the measures that are important to their specific health objective, so they can live a more body-positive life.”

BBalance is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and its patented resistive technology employs the same performance capacitive capabilities required by the demands of hospitals and healthcare settings, at a consumer-friendly price point. And unlike many smart scales that have difficulty supporting multiple users, BBalance combines its patented pressure mapping technology leveraging 2,800 sensors with artificial intelligence to recognize each family member, supporting up to 100+ unique users that weigh from 11 to 440 pounds. Data is stored in a GDPR-compliant cloud that has earned HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) certification from the French government as private and secure.

“We believe engaging people in preventative healthcare requires tech that fits into existing daily routines,” added Thomas Serval, CEO, Baracoda. “BBalance exemplifies the future of daily health tech – hospital-grade devices and enterprise-level security delivered in an elegant design for every modern home.”

BBalance Matscale™ carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349 but is currently available for order for $299 for a limited time. BBalance includes software support and is covered by a 24-month warranty against defects.

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Established on three continents, Baracoda is a leader in Daily Healthtech. Baracoda infuses connected tech into the everyday routine, leveraging AI, data analysis, machine learning, app development, gamification and more. Baracoda launches products and scale business alongside global market leaders, relying on a unique B2B2C business model. Its CES-awarded innovation model is driven by quantitative indexes, developed in-house to recognize daily habits that improve health and wellness.

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