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BCool, the First Battery-Free, Mercury-Free, Eco-Friendly Connected Thermometer is Named a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

JANUARY 3, 2022 (#CES2022 – Las Vegas, Nevada) Finally - an eco-friendly connected thermometer that's always ready when you need it – because BCool never needs batteries. Instead, it recharges with only a few shakes through Baracoda Daily Healthtech's patented BMotion sensor technology, to deliver  fast, accurate,  non-invasive temperature readings.

Normal body temperatures vary among individuals and with age. When connected via Bluetooth to the app, BCool can keep track of body temperature for an unlimited number of household members, and store readings for a user-determined amount of time to show a progression and eliminate guesswork. BCool also allows users to enter notes such as symptoms, and over-the-counter and prescribed medications with the ability to share this combined information with a medical provider.

From checking low-grade fever due to a common cold or flu, to unexpected emergency use, BCool is non-intrusive and simple to use:

  • Give it a few shakes and press the button.
  • Hold or slide it slowly across forehead. (Not necessary to make contact with skin)
  • Reading appears on thermometer immediately.
  • Temperature reading can be sent to the BCool app.
  • To add notes for this household member, visit your family dashboard on the app.
  • BCool is waterproof for easy cleaning.

Healthtech Meets Sustainability

BCool is named a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree for Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy in recognition of the connected thermometer’s unique features. Styled for simplicity and made of recycled plastic, BCool is Baracoda’s first healthtech product designed for sustainability as well as function. It’s  battery-free and mercury-free with no toxic chemicals to end up in landfills. You won’t lose your data when you change batteries, and you never have to worry about a lifeless battery from extended storage, or trying to find odd-size battery replacements – because you never have to change a battery! The ease of use and always-ready status makes BCool a smart choice for families with infants, toddlers, or any household member who spikes an unexpected fever. BCool retail availability is projected for Q4 2022.

About Baracoda

Established on three continents, Baracoda is a leader in daily healthtech. The company infuses connected tech into the everyday routine – leveraging AI, data analysis, machine learning, app development, gamification and more. Baracoda launches products and scales businesses alongside global market leaders, relying on a unique B2B2C business model. Baracoda’s CES-awarded innovation model is driven by quantitative indexes, developed in-house to recognize daily habits that improve health and wellness.

Jan 3: CES Unveiled Table #EP 522
Jan 5-8, 2022: Eureka Park #60407, and LVCC #8419

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