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Award Winning Company Allterco Introduces Next Generation of Smart Home Solutions with Shelly Plus Line and announces entering heating control market
The Plus Line of Products Feature Ultra-Fast Processor and Enhanced Safety Features; The company will present their innovative solutions on CES 2022

December 29, 2021, Las Vegas, Nevada – IoT innovator Allterco, (BSE: A4L) makers of the award-winning Shelly line of home automation products introduced Shelly Plus Line, the next generation of Shelly devices. Featuring an ultra-fast processor ESP32 and quicker connectivity via Bluetooth technology, in addition to the proven Wi-Fi connection, the new line also builds upon the brand’s robust integration capabilities and offers enhanced safety features to provide the ultimate experience in home automation and control. The company also announced entering  a new line of business in the home automation area with the launch of their intelligent heating control device Shelly TRV. With this the company will be offering a durable product at competitive price, challenging big international brands in this market.  

Shelly Plus Delivers Superior Home Automation Control

As the global smart home market continues to grow rapidly, consumers and home automation enthusiasts are seeking out superior smart devices that are reliable, innovative, and easily integrated. With the introduction of the Shelly Plus line, Shelly’s newest relays – Shelly Plus 1 and Shelly Plus 1PM – provide perfected control for any smart home environment.

Shelly Plus 1 is designed to improve the home automation experience and enhance lighting control; Shelly Plus 1PM offers elevated control for electrical appliances with precise power metering. Among the features included are quicker connectivity with option for Bluetooth inclusion; Improved device shell with small dimensions, enabling Shelly relays to easily fit behind any wall switch or socket.; Enhanced safety and security with the temperature sensing software for preventing failures and overheating risks; Revamped API interface with standardized RPC that allows a wide-range of cloud-connected and local integrations. 

The new line of Shelly products was designed with the consumer in mind. With these new capabilities, Shelly Plus smart relays ensure DIY customers can monitor and manage power consumption, automate and control any electrical appliance, easily set “smart” scenes with other devices in the home network and set custom scripting for personalized automation functionalities. 

Highly efficient heating management 

With energy prices rapidly growing, customers are increasingly looking for innovative smart home solutions that will help them optimize their spending and ensure energy usage in the most efficient way. With the introduction of Shelly TRV - the intelligent thermostatic radiator valve, Shelly provides a solution that allows users to optimize their heating usage and save on bills.

Shelly TRV is Wi-Fi operated and enhanced with a fully rechargeable battery with over 2 years of battery life (based on 5 months heating season). Featuring a stylish design with an LED screen and touch-sensitive buttons Shelly TRV replaces the old thermostatic radiator valve and allows remote control on the radiator from any spot. Shelly TRV supports 5 quick profiles with 6 temperature points to each of them allowing users to set custom settings to ensure efficient heating usage. 

Similar to the rest of the Shelly devices, Shelly Plus line and Shelly TRV can be controlled directly without a hub through the Shelly Cloud App. Users can also easily integrate them with most popular third-party home automation platforms and voice assistants, as well as combine them with other smart devices already installed in the home. 

Allterco Robotics will be participating at CES 2022 in Las Vegas at booth #52239

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About Allterco 
Allterco JSCo is a technology holding company that stands for innovation through the development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality IoT products. End users and their needs are always at the heart of development. Allterco was founded in Bulgaria and works with a team of young, talented developers who are dedicated to producing competitive and user-friendly products. The Group consists of 4 subsidiary companies and has offices in Bulgaria, China and USA and is about to open an office in Germany. Allterco's products have already conquered over 100 markets. Allterco JSCo has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange since December 2016 and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of November 2021 where its shares are traded under WKN A2DGX9, ISIN BG1100003166, code A4L

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