Yarbo Redefines Yard Care: AI-Enhanced Yard Robots Unveiled at CES 2024

Discover the future of yard care with Yarbo's AI-powered robots showcased at CES 2024. Redefining convenience and performance, these innovations offer a glimpse into a futuristic outdoor living experience.

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Yarbo Inc., the world's first year-round multipurpose intelligent yard robot provider, announces improved features and modules to its elite yard maintenance product lineup. Yarbo, along with its modules, is designed to cater to diverse yard care needs, including snow removal, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, security patrol, and more. Anticipating the future, the company is actively developing new capabilities to redefine the yard care experience.

In a bid to revolutionize the industry, Yarbo has revamped its Universal Body to Yarbo Core, a more streamlined, stable, and versatile options tailored to user preferences. A key breakthrough is the ability to control and power supply the modules attached to the back of the Core. For instance, the S1 snow blower module can be attached to the front, while a salt spreader can be affixed to the back, enabling dual functionality without the need for tool changes.

Besides, Yarbo Core offers users two options: Yarbo Advanced Core and Yarbo Essential Core. The Advanced Core is significantly upgraded from the universal body for a higher performance level. On the other hand, Yarbo Essential Core takes a more basic approach, enabling user control through a remote controller while preserving essential features. The S1 Plus, an upgraded version of Yarbo Snow Blower S1, is redesigned to tackle up to 16 inches of snow, featuring improved durability and enhanced obstacle identification with binocular cameras.

Looking ahead to a promising 2025, the company is preparing for the launch of its Vision IQ Module. Equipped with binocular cameras for premises patrol, Yarbo Core with its Vision IQ Module acts as a companion for the yard. AI features enable it to understand and respond to natural language for an easier interaction with the user, and follow a specific user during heavy-duty yard work. The future product roadmap includes the power sweeper, the snow plow, the 24/7 security surveillance system, the granular spreader, the liquid spreader, and more.

"What sets Yarbo apart is its unique innovative approach to yard work, multipurpose functionality, excellent modular design philosophy, and brings great value to families," said Vice President of Yarbo, Ken Kohlmann. "With Yarbo, back-breaking, labor-intensive and exhausting lawn care becomes a thing of the past. Instead, let Yarbo do the work."

Yarbo's mission is to enhance the outdoor experience with exceptional performance and versatility. Yarbo eliminates common pain points left by previous snow removal methods, providing freedom and assistance to users, including the elderly and those with disabilities.

About Yarbo

Yarbo is an innovative technology company at the forefront of smart yard maintenance solutions. With a strong focus on independent R&D technology, Yarbo is dedicated to providing smart yard robots offering a diverse range of multi-functional services. Currently, Yarbo's product lineup includes Snow Blower S1, Lawn Mower M1, and Blower B1. The newly introduced modules ranging from Vision IQ to S1 Plus and M1 Pro, as well as the add-ons, the Granular Spreader and Liquid Spreader, further simplify yard care tasks. Yarbo's commitment to innovation extends to a wider range of yard maintenance solutions, including irrigation, debris and leaf vacuuming, plowing, trimming, security patrol, and more.

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