BOE Showcases Cutting-Edge Display Technologies at the CES 2024 and Inspires Innovative Smart Life with Partners

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- From January 9 to 12 (PST), BOE made a splash with its cutting-edge display technology and smart cockpit solutions at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024) held in Las Vegas, USA. It also showcased more than 50 innovative consumer electronics products jointly with many global A-list brands, bringing an unparalleled tech feast to the industry and global audience. With the world's leading technological innovation and brand awareness, BOE was among the 2023-2024 GLOBAL CE BRANDS TOP10 announced at the event. At the same time, BOE Automotive Ultra Large-Size Oxide Cockpit won the 2023-2024 Innovative Display Product Gold Award. As a global innovative enterprise in the IoT field, BOE continues to empower thousands of scenarios with innovative display technology, build an innovation ecosystem "Powered by BOE" and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

Dr. Gavin Gao, President of BOE Technology Group, said that 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE, and 2024 will be a new beginning for BOE. BOE not only demonstrated a slew of cutting-edge display technologies represented by smart automobile display, but also cooperated and communicated with its global ecological partners such as Samsung, LG, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Continental Electronics and the world's well-known car manufacturers at the CES. Under the "Empowering IoT with Display" strategy, we will further strengthen the application of display in diverse scenarios, and join hands with our partners to launch more innovative products and services. As CES, a wind vane of the global consumer electronics industry, has gained widespread attention from the industry and consumers, it is of great significance for us to attend the CES.

Innovation Inspired, BOE Debuts Industry-Leading Display Technologies

At the CES 2024, BOE demonstrated its latest technological achievements and the world debut of innovative display solutions empowered by its three major display technology brands. In the field of oxide technology, thanks to BOE's forward-looking layout in this field over the years, the first 14.6-inch oxide LCD display empowered by ADS Pro, one of BOE's three display technology brands, and the world's first Oxide 3K touch screen, have achieved a series of significant advantages such as high transmittance, high contrast, and high color gamut, an overall improvement in image quality of LCDs. At present, BOE's oxide technology has covered all mainstream products in the market, from smart phones to 110-inch TVs. For flexible display, the dual-slidable flexible display empowered by BOE's f-OLED technology brand, is the industry-first screen for rollable laptops. Equipped with 7.5mm ultra-slim and lightweight wrinkle-free screen, it allows free switch of the horizontal display size from 13.6 inches to 16.8 inches and a display ratio from 4:3 to 16:9, meeting the needs of entertainment, business, creation, and other scenarios; The world debuted 49-inch transparent OLED display unveiled by BOE effectively improves the overall transmittance of the luminous layer through technical optimization, so that the product has a brilliant color effect and certain permeability, which is suitable for smart transportation scenarios such as subways and unmanned minibuses. As for MLED technology, the curved 27-inch 4K Mini LED monitor powered by BOE's α-MLED technology brand, uses the industry-leading Mini-LED backlight technology to achieve a million-level contrast and up to 95% of the NTSC color gamut. As the innovative ultra-wide curved design brings more comfortable viewing angles, the power consumption is reduced by 20%-30% with the local dimming technology, leading in the trend of green and low-carbon display.

It is noteworthy that, BOE also attracted large audiences on the site with a series of cutting-edge innovative display technologies first unveiled in the industry. Among them, the high-profile 32-inch Light Field 3D Display achieves industry-leading 16K resolution, with the monocular resolution of Retina 4K, which perfectly presents 3D display effect; BOE's new launch XR All-in-one Glasses achieves resolution of binocular 4K and enables free switching between virtual and reality in the screen by updating spatial algorithm, continuing to enable multi-scenario applications such as movie, game, exhibition, education and medical treatment.

What's more, Skyworth, DPVR, Pimax and other brands released VR/AR products empowered by BOE at the CSE 2024. Skyworth launches China's first PANCAKE 2 MR product equipped with BOE's Micro OLED display to unlock monocular resolution of 4K, which is a new vision of MR; Targeted at the high-end market, VR headsets such as Pimax Crystal and other innovative products use BOE's high PPI Fast LCD and Mini LED backlight technology to bring users immersive, realistic metauniverse experience.

With Industry Ecological Empowerment, BOE Launches Diversified Applications "Powered by BOE" with Customers

BOE worked together with many international customers and partners for joint innovation, and displayed more than 50 new trendy products enhanced by BOE's screens with an ultra-high refresh rate, flexible OLEDs, Mini LEDs and other high-end display technologies on the partner's booth at the CES 2024.

In the field of TV, BOE created more than 30 high-end flagship TVs with domestic and foreign customers and partners, including LG, Hisense, Skyworth and Konka, showing the significant advantages of high-refresh rate display technology of BOE ADS and oxide technology. Among them, LG's 86-inch 8K UHD ultra-large-screen smart TV and Hisense's 110-inch 8K UX model TV can achieve a high refresh rate of 120Hz with the BOE's technology ADS Pro; Skyworth's 86-inch 4K TV equipped can achieve an ultra-fine image quality and 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate with BOE's oxide technology; Konka's 75-inch 8K TV brings a real immersive large-screen experience with BOE's Mini LED technology.

In the field of laptops and displays, BOE has continued to cooperate with Lenovo, ASUS, Dell and other first-line brands and released more than ten amazing laptop products. At the CES 2024, Lenovo unveiled a full lineup of new devices and solutions powered by AI. Among them, Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i and IdeaPad Pro 5i are equipped with BOE 2.5K resolution screen; ThinkBook 14i Gen 6 is equipped with BOE's 14.5-inch 3K display and artificial intelligence technology, enabling more users to embrace new experiences and improve work and entertainment efficiency; ThinkBook X Notebook, Lenovo's new carbon neutral certified laptop for small and medium business users, is also powered by BOE's display; In the field of high refresh rate, Lenovo Legion 7i laptop equipped with BOE's 16-inch 2.5K UHD screen, has a refresh rate up to 240Hz, bringing the ultimate game experience for gamers; As the world's leading innovative display, Lenovo also launched the world's first 27-inch 4K glasses-free 3D display empowered by BOE to achieve seamless and more natural 3D effects and continue to lead industry development.

More than that, ASUS's ROG Strix, which focuses on the game field, uses BOE's Mini LED high-end display, and ROG Zephyrus brings users a smooth game pleasure and immersive experience with an ultra-high refresh rate of 240Hz and ultra-fine screen. Asus TUF is also equipped with BOE's 165HZ gaming screen; Dell's Alienware laptop displayed at the CES 2024 is also equipped with a BOE's screen, of which the BOE's screen adopted by Alienware Alien 16 can achieve a wide color gamut of DCI P3 100% at 2.5K resolution superimposed with a high refresh rate of 240Hz. Alienware Alien 18 uses BOE's 18-inch 2.5K resolution super-large screen with a high refresh rate of 165Hz, which is the best gaming screen specially customized for game enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that BOE also jointly launched the 27-inch AIO (all-in-one machine) for conferences with Qualcomm on the site. Enhanced with 4K ultra-HD display, integrated dual cameras, and three-microphone arrays, this product greatly improves the audio and video immersive experience of meetings; At the same time, it supports AI portrait tracking and AI pickup and noise reduction functions, and the three-screen display of content, people and records in the meeting scenario, enabling people's smart business experience.

With Innovative Diversified Scenarios, BOE Creates New Smart In-Vehicle Experience

At the CES 2024, BOE's in-vehicle business is still the focus of the display, and BOE presented a number of cutting-edge in-vehicle display products and smart cockpit solutions. Among them, BOE presented its first ultra-large oxide smart cockpit - 45-inch 9K Oxide Mini LED in-vehicle one-piece screen. With the high electronic mobility advantage of oxide products, this product achieves 9K ultra-high resolution and an ultra-high refresh rate of 90Hz. With the use of glass-based MLED backlight, it has a display effect of 6048 ultra-high partition top image quality, million-level ultra-high contrast and a brightness of 1500nits, which can effectively reduce 20% to 30% power consumption; In addition, BOE and Corning also applied cold bending technology. By bending the glass at room temperature, an embracing curved surface design is created, leading the sustainable development of the industry with a greener production process.

In order to enable the audience to feel more intuitively the empowerment of in-vehicle solutions for smart driving experience, BOE booth also displayed the stunning pure electric flagship car - Geely Galaxy E8 - equipped with BOE's first-of-its-kind 45-inch 8K in-vehicle one-piece screen, whose bold design integrates the instrument, central control and co-driver in one screen. This makes the car truly become a smarter and more experiential "third space".

The CES 2024 demonstrated the accelerating upgrade of global digital and smart lifestyle. In line with this trend, BOE, who promotes digital applications to go deep into all fields of human life with display technological innovation and the innovation ecosystem "Powered by BOE" in a bid to give people a smarter and more beautiful life experience in all aspects. That is the reason why BOE became the "biggest winner" in this exhibition. In the future, guided by the "Empower IoT with Display" strategy, BOE will showcase more vivid innovations, and work together with partners to embrace the beautiful "vision" of ubiquitous connectivity around diversified scenario innovation.

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