Displace, Maker of the World's First Truly Wireless TV, to Debut World's First AI-Powered Shopping and Payments on TV at CES 2024

Using AI, Displace TVs will allow viewers to initiate real-time purchases of the products, food and services featured in commercials, TV shows and movies

CUPERTINO, Calif. , Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Displace, an in-home entertainment startup and maker of the first truly wireless TV, today announced plans to debut Displace Shopping, the world's first AI-powered shopping experience on Displace TV that delivers an end-to-end seamless experience for viewers. The breakthrough technology lets viewers quickly initiate real-time purchases of the products and services featured in commercials, TV shows, and movies. Displace Shopping functionality will be available on Displace's two new product lines debuting at CES 2024: Displace Flex and Displace Mini.

Our vision for Displace has always been ambient computing; Displace Shopping and Payments is a huge first step.

Displace Shopping uses Displace TV's proprietary gesture technology. Viewers raise their hand to pause a video, and the Displace AI will instantly analyze the screen to find products available for sale. Once they see something they want to purchase, viewers drag and drop the product into the global Displace Shopping Cart. As soon as the viewer is ready to checkout, Displace Payments makes paying as easy as bringing a user's smartphone or watch near the TV's built-in NFC payment reader, a fully secure process that requires no credit card info. Viewers can also pay from within the Displace app.

Displace Shopping and Displace Payments' non-invasive technology allows users to discover and buy jewelry, clothing, food, subscriptions, electronics and even furniture. If the specific product isn't available, Displace will search for similar items without requiring the viewer to do anything.

All previous technologies that attempted to enable shopping on TV have required too many hoops for consumers to jump through while offering only a tiny percentage of available products. Unlike the non-scalable process of humans tagging items in a movie or show or sending viewers off to different sites that require entering passwords and credit card info, Displace delivers an automated, ambient, seamless shopping experience. It offers viewers true interactivity with ads and product placements. With Displace Payments, third-party developers can easily accept payments from within their applications built for Displace TVs.

"Our vision has always been ambient computing; Displace Shopping and Payments is a huge first step," said Balaji Krishnan, Founder and CEO of Displace. "Displace TVs are meant to be used throughout the home. The addition of Displace Flex, Mini, Shopping and Payments allows viewers to find products they might love based on what they watch — and then seamlessly buy them. Displace TVs, Shopping, and Payments will disrupt advertising on TV like digital ads on smartphones, presenting huge opportunities for advertisers and studios while creating value for every Displace viewer."

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About Displace
Established in 2022, Displace is an in-home entertainment startup and maker of the first truly wireless TV that has no wires, no ports and is run by hot-swappable batteries. Unlike anything else on the market, Displace's 55" 4K TVs are super lightweight, transportable and can be easily secured to any surface with no mounting required, using proprietary active-loop vacuum technology. Multiple Displace 55" 4K TVs can be snapped together to create any size TV – such as combining four TVs to create a 110" TV with 8K resolution or even a massive 220" TV with 16K resolution. Unlike other TVs, a Displace TV can be controlled primarily with hand gestures to easily browse and play content using proprietary computer vision technology that allows content to be moved seamlessly from room to room. 

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