Cyrusher at CES 2023: Electrification Changes the Future of the Industry

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to the pandemic, many well-known corporations were absent from the 2022 CES. But in 2023 — the year of significant technological product launches — CES was once more at its finest. Leading technology companies gathered in this arena to showcase the latest technological advancements and cutting-edge trends.

CES opened in Las Vegas on January 5th. For the first time, exhibitor Cyrusher attended and offered products that were favorably welcomed by suppliers and guests from around the world throughout the exhibit. This article outlines the latest news from Cyrusher at CES 2023.

The latest news of Cyrusher at CES 2023

Cyrusher is exhibiting a wide range of products developed in the following categories

(1) Fat tyre electric bikes

(2) Electric skateboards & surfboards

(3) Energy storage batteries

Exhibitors showed a high level of enthusiasm for Cyrusher's fat tyre ebikes, with many guests on hand to take a test ride and learn more. Additionally, staff on site handed out new customized product brochures, revealing the new models that Cyrusher will be putting on sale in 2023. Moreover, Cyrusher revealed two products in a new field for the first time the electric surfboard and skateboard, adding fuel to the electrification craze. Guests were treated to a dazzling display of electrification products as the powerful performance of the portable power station was also showcased. The following article will guide customers through the details of Cyrusher's latest products.

Breakthroughs in the new field - electric skateboards & electric surfboards

Cyrusher publicly revealed its new products: the electric surfboard and skateboard. The electric skateboard is a product that offers advantages for short distance travel. It is an extension of the motorization of traditional skateboards. An electric skateboard is the favoured option for short-distance travel since it provides a faster and more energy-efficient alternative to a traditional one and is more portable than an electric bike. It is a lightweight mobility tool that can be easily carried on subways and buses. Furthermore, by adopting various playing postures that are more aesthetically pleasing, the skateboard may be employed as a more relaxed and cool kind of entertainment.

There is also a growing interest in electric surfboards in the water sector. These are motor-driven models that offer a quieter surfing acceleration  and can bring surfers a more exciting surfing experience. Cyrusher uses advanced technology to provide an ergonomic and beautifully crafted electric surfboard. It uses a direct jet pump propulsion system to help customers paddle through the water with ease. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the board offers a high level of stability and excellent maneuverability. It provides great lift and control to help customers ride the waves and pursue a more thrilling surfing experience. The powerful motor of the electric surfboard can provide a peak speed of up to 65 km/h. With its bearing capacity of up to 100 kg, it enables more surfers to enjoy the fascination of catching waves.

The professional sector lights up the whole venue - Electric bikes

2022 Classic hot-sale models - Good quality, Powerful and Popular

Kommoda, Ranger and Ovia were three popular models that were on display at CES and available for test rides. All the models were a tremendous hit for with customers visiting the exhibit.

Both the Kommoda and the Ovia are step-through bikes that provide a very pleasant and effective riding experience while suiting the majority of riders' body shapes. The full suspension, fat tyres and powerful motors are all included in both models. To make the entire ride smoother and more pleasant, the Ovia features an upgraded air suspension system and improved battery range.

The Ranger is the newest flagship product, an all-terrain mountain bike with greater options for various riding scenarios, it offers a balance between comfort and stability. The powerful Ranger is the ideal travel partner that can take customers on any exploration.

All three models are available for sale on the Cyrusher official website, so if customers are interested, check out the page for more detailed specifications.

Newly launched 2023 model - Better, Stronger, and More Popular

At the show Cyrusher presented the new models that will be available in 2023. They adhere to the design tenet of "better, more powerful and more popular" to create products that are better suited to customers' demands in terms of model and attractive appearance. With better performance, the newly launched products offer riders a more stable and enjoyable riding experience.

The first Cyrusher mid-drive electric cycle - the Nitro

In 2023, Cyrusher will break new ground by releasing the Nitro, the first mid-drive motor model, ahead of schedule. The mid-drive motor is considered to be the best drive motor, offering a smoother ride and a richer source of power. Cyrusher will include it in the design of the Nitro in 2023, making the switch from a rear-hub motor to a mid-motor to give customers the best riding experience. The Nitro is the most anticipated mid-motor model of 2023 since it also has a high-capacity battery, full air suspension and hydraulic brakes.

The step-through electric bike with wider saddle - the Scout

Many Cyrusher riders preferred a wider saddle design; thus, the Scout was created as a solution. Not only does it have a wider saddle to satisfy customer demand, the Scout follows the step-through design, offering a more practical and comfortable transport alternative for a wider range of users. The Scout will be available with a 52V 20Ah battery capacity and air suspension for a smoother ride, so the update to the saddle does not compromise performance.

A powerful all-terrain electric bike - the Trax

Although the powerful Ranger that is currently available is a blessing for the taller rider, the Trax was built so that more riders may enjoy the comfortable riding the Ranger provides. The Trax has four colour options to accommodate the rider's creative demands while providing the same crucial functionality as the mighty Ranger.

Cyrusher is constantly striving to enhance the rider's experience with better-performance products for increased comfort, stability and safety. The three recently revealed models show that this is the truth. The e-bike market is evolving with refined designs resulting in more beneficial developments. In terms of carbon emissions, the e-bike sector is replacing conventional fuel-fired models, paving the path for a green society.

The green energy solution - Portable power stations

Cyrusher has always been committed to solving many potential problems such as those relating to power needs, hence the creation of the Crafuel portable power station. It is available in different product categories, such as portable power stations and solar panels. The power station can ensure a safe power supply for the home, office and even some professional industrial applications. The sine wave inverter of the power station can ensure a safe power supply for sensitive equipment such as laptops and smartphones without causing damage. It may be utilized for household backups as well as for a continuous power supply during situations like severe weather.

About Cyrusher

A specialized manufacturer, Cyrusher was founded in 2014 with the goal of introducing e-bikes to more users, improving personal mobility  and lowering society's carbon footprint. The company is committed to providing riders with a cost-effective product that is in line with the ever-changing market laws. With innovation serving as the competitive advantage of the business, Cyrusher is continually upgrading its product lineup to better meet the demands of riders. In 2022, Cyrusher will bring the portable power station to the public and promote a more portable lifestyle. Furthermore, the company will keep growing its line of products, extending the concept of electrification to a wider range of products that will change personal lifestyles and promote a green and healthy society.

Is electrification the future of the industry?

Electrification is becoming an irreversible trend in the industry as consumer demand and government initiatives are driving a shift towards electrification and greener forms of electric energy storage, in line with society's zero-carbon plans. Whether it's an electric bike, electric skateboard or electric surfboard, Cyrusher is offering new options for electrifying the personal mobility sector. The advancement of society's zero-carbon objectives is having a beneficial impact on the design of Cyrusher's products and Cyrusher's exploration of new categories will continue to propel the electrification sector ahead. The virtuous drive shared by the company and society is giving fresh impetus to the future of the industry.

Cyrusher consistently diversifies its business while impressing clients. By offering high-performance products, lowering carbon emissions, supporting green energy storage across all industries, advancing clean energy, laying the foundation for a sustainable future and invigorating society, Cyrusher is making a positive impact on the world.

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