CES2023: Eye-Minders Announces solutions to decipher user's inner world

Using Eye-Technologies (IP), Eye-Minders unveils new data on user, enabling stellar consumer experiences in AR/VR/XR

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Eye-Minders, a leading provider of a disruptive and enabling technology for deciphering one's mind, announced today its first consumer centric solutions, at the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at booth no. 62000.

By analyzing a person's eyes (software), Eye-Minders can provide new reliable & accurate information on user's interest, engagement, feelings & wellness. These new layers of information can help increase AR/VR/XR usage by improving user's wellness (including Cybersickness), enhancing gaming experience and improving monetization.

"Cybersickness (nausea, dizziness, headache) is a new challenge impacting 36%-66% of VR/AR/XR users. In addition, stress (caused by bullying, violence, isolation, FOMO, cybercrime), which is linked to social media usage, is expected to increase in the Metaverse. These issues may hinder headset adoption", said Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman, founder, and CEO of Eye-Minders. "We're excited to announce our new software solution to detect & minimize cybersickness and stress in various AR/VR/XR applications. Users will be updated when a break is recommended; Parental control can be activated notifying parents in real time when their children are experiencing stress, while they are engaged in the Metaverse; Headset manufactures will be able to continuously improve their headset and app developers will be able to improve user-experience by altering and personalizing content"

Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman explained an additional use case linked to gamers' experience and monetization: "Eye-Minders' algorithms can provide continuous, real-time valuable data on gamers' emotional state, level of interest and engagement. This data will help game developers adjust parameters and features to better match the unique profile and gaming abilities of each gamer, thus keeping the gamer longer in the game, resulting in increasing gamers' retention."

Eye-Minders' solutions for AR/VR/XR headsets are expected to be available later in 2023.

About Eye-Minders

Founded in 2018 and led by Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman, and a team of experienced multi-disciplinary experts, Eye-Minders has developed a disruptive and enabling technology for deciphering one's mind. The innovative technology is protected by patents and trade secrets, and combines deep-technology, eye-analysis, and AI. The technology was validated by 3rd parties (opinions leaders and clients) and is currently used by clients for overcoming human related threats.

For additional information, contact: info@eye-minders.com or visit our website at www.eye-minders.com/metaverse

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