CES 2021 Beseye's Skeleton-Print™ provides AI video analysis for security cameras with long-distance human skeletal analysis

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Beseye is a Taiwanese company that provides AI video analytics for security cameras, featuring long-distance human skeletal analysis up to 30 meters.

"Beseye gave security cameras a smart brain to automatically conduct security analysis in public sites, and help stores get consumer insights, saving a large amount of manpower and time required to monitor security videos," said Beseye Founder and CEO, Shaq Tu.

Beseye's Skeleton-print™ technology analyzes human posture and behavior from a distance without being limited by angles, and can be used in all environments.

Tu noted that one of Beseye's selling points is that it does not require hardware replacement. Beseye's video analysis platform supports over 90% of the security cameras on the market. Companies do not need to replace existing monitoring equipment.

Beseye literally analyze all human behaviors, even for medical use.

One of Beseye's application is for security. Beseye automatically analyzes the characteristics and behaviors of each person in an environment to effectively determine security concerns and dangerous events. For example, when someone enters a restricted area, an alarm will sound immediately and the video will be automatically stored. It can also detect falls, fights, and other incidents, such as suspected theft or robbery.

For retail applications, Beseye can analyze customer flow, customer demographics, and customer behavior, providing a final push in boosting sales. Beseye can achieve more than people counting, including segmenting customers by age and gender, helping retailers formulate the best sales strategies. It also provides insight into customer in-store shopping routes and behavior to truly understand their needs and preferences, records customer dwell time, and analyzes customer engagement with individual shelves.

In addition, Beseye is used for smart manufacturing, helping production lines capture important insights through video analytics to reduce the cost of human supervision. It can enforce standard operating procedures and track operator progress, increasing yield and lowering the cost of rework or scrapped goods.

Beseye is also used for rehabilitation analysis where Beseye performs long-term tracking of rehabilitation progress by analyzing patient's postures.

Incredible results with Beseye's AI video analysis platform

Beseye has collaborated with several major companies around the world. For example, Beseye had worked with Tokyu Techno Railway Systems by using deep-learning AI video analysis technology to detect humans and analyze their behavior on railways, to determine the risk rate. In an emergency situation, the system will immediately issue an alarm and effectively prevent accidents from occurring.

Furthermore, Beseye and Chunghwa Telecom teamed up to introduce retail solutions. Beseye's AI video analysis technology allows stores to get the insights of their customers, optimizing operations and increasing sales. Beseye's retail solutions help brick-and-mortar stores obtain customer statistics that were only available for online stores, including the number of customers by age and gender, customer dwell time in different areas of the store and customer's engagement with specific shelves.

Beseye continues to productize its technology. For CES 2021, Beseye is introducting its new AI Business Server, which allows users to setup their own AI video surveillance that calculates footfalls for their business, helping businesses operate more efficiently. The AI video platform of Beseye has made them being selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/39xeu3


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