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World Economic Forum and Deepen AI Announce Global Data-Sharing Initiative to Enhance Safety of ADAS Systems and Autonomous Vehicles

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Economic Forum and Deepen AI are announcing and publicly unveiling Safety Pool™: The Global incentive-based brokerage of shared Driving Scenarios and safety data for safe Autonomous Driving Systems.

"At Aptiv, we believe that our industry makes progress by sharing, especially when it comes to safety. We are proud to be part of the World Economic Forum's Safety Pool, and we are confident that with continued collaboration, we will deliver the safer and more accessible mobility solutions our communities deserve," said Karl Iagnemma, President of Autonomous Mobility at Aptiv, one of the first publicly announced members of the initiative.

Safety Pool™ is gathering in one comprehensive database a vast and diverse set of Driving Scenarios and safety data coming from the major industry players developing ADAS systems and Autonomous Driving Technology. Data will be accessible by the members while an incentive scheme ensures the right value is taken and given by every Safety Pool™ participant, regardless of their size, level of funding, or years of operations.

According to Deepen, WEF and the first publicly announced Safety Pool™ pioneering members, sharing this data on such a large scale will generate tremendous positive externalities for the whole industry. Each individual company developing ADAS systems and Autonomous Driving technology will have the chance to tap into a massive, common and shared database of driving scenarios on which to train and validate their Machine Learning models. In this way, the overall safety of operations will drastically increase, accelerating time to deployment.

Safety Pool™ is also poised to become the data infrastructure on top of which regulators, policymakers, local, and federal governments worldwide can base their regulatory decisions exploiting a reliable, transparent and comprehensive set of safety data coming from real-world operations.

"The City of Sacramento is excited to be the first government agency to partner with Safety Pool to improve the development of safer autonomous vehicles and establish a consensus on operational safety," said Louis Stewart, the City of Sacramento's chief innovation officer. "By partnering with Safety Pool cities can inform regulatory best practices and enable faster adoption of safe autonomous technologies."

"EB Assist Test Lab is an ideal platform to enable access to recorded sensor data and scenarios for initiatives like the World Economic Forum's Safety Pool," said Martin Schleicher, Executive Vice President, Business Management, Elektrobit. "Elektrobit is proud to support this effort also by providing data collected with EB assist Test Lab that the other members can utilize in the development of safe autonomous driving systems."

Deepen AI team will open up subscriptions for stakeholders interested in becoming involved in Safety Pool™ during CES @, and will announce the first pilot involving the City of Sacramento over the next weeks.

About Deepen

Deepen AI is a Silicon Valley based startup providing cutting-edge tools for computer-vision based autonomous systems development. The company's flagship product is its 4D LiDAR labeling technology able to segment to the point level long sequences of point cloud data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Funded by Alphabet's veterans, the startup is committed to developing the Safety Infrastructure needed for successful certification, validation, and deployment of Autonomous Driving Systems.


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