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IDG's "2019-2020 Global Top Brands" focuses on cutting-edge technology
Innovation drives the development of the consumer electronics industry

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 7th, showing the frontiers of technological innovation, the International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as CES) was grandly opened in Las Vegas. The next day, IDG formally released the "2019-2020 Global Top Brands" list. In addition to recognizing outstanding consumer electronics companies, it also continuously outputs forward-looking and transformative ideas for the industry and leads international consumer electronics  industry trends.

Brilliant! Showcase of International Consumer Electronics Brands

The theme of this year's selection is "AI: Era of Evolution", where the world's best consumer electronics brands come together to bring the most advanced technology concepts and technology products. Since the start of the selection, it has received continuous attention from industry authorities, consumer electronics enthusiasts, users and industry audiences. "TOP 10 Leading Consumer Electronics Brand 2019-2020", "TOP 15 Leading Global Smartphone Brand 2019-2020", "TOP 15 Global Leading Brand for Smart Connected Devices 2019-2020", "Global Consumer Electronics 2019-2020 TOP 50 "," 2019-2020 International Innovative Enterprise Brand Award "," 2019-2020 Global TV Brand TOP 10 "six awards and multiple single awards were officially released on the spot. Apple, LG, Dyson, Samsung, TCL, Changhong, HUAWEI, Haier, Siemens, BOE, Xiaomi, Dyson, DJI, Philips, Leyard, Hachi, Yumi Technology and other brands have won awards. Among them, as a display panel company at the upstream of the technology industry, LG Display launched rollable OLED TV panels and 8K resolution OLED panels in 2019, laying a solid technical foundation for TV product updates. Dyson chemists and engineers will use Dyson Cryptomic™ technology to propose a home indoor environment purification solution in 2019 to continuously deepen the intelligent interconnection between Dyson products and consumers.

Intelligent technology and consumer electronics have long been deeply integrated into our daily lives and continue to change the pace of our lives. The Internet, big data and artificial intelligence have gradually improved people's quality of life. With the rise of the "post-90s" and "post-00s" new generation of consumer groups, the consumer electronics industry is also facing upgrades. Extending from intelligence to product quality, intelligence, personalization, and diversified consumer demand are becoming increasingly significant, Artificial Intelligence interactive products and smart lifestyle products have ushered in revolutionary development, and the consumer electronics market has become increasingly active. Intelligent hardware, wearable devices, 5G smartphones, etc. have become blue oceans for major brands to explore.

Innovation leads the way: Chinese consumer electronics brands continue to empower

The global industrial Internet is in a period of rapid expansion. To promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the cross-industry capabilities of the industrial Internet are particularly important. Taking Haier COSMOPlat, which has won the "Global Leading Industrial Internet Ecological Brand" as an example, it has seven major functional modules such as user interaction, R & D, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and service. It transforms the hardware experience into a scene experience. Users have changed from passive consumers to participating creators, and the company has changed from self-centered to user-centered. In response to the challenges of the times, Haier actively embraced the Industrial Internet, helped accelerate the upgrade of the Internet of Things, empowered enterprises, and brought industrial scene solutions such as scale innovation, technological innovation, and ecological innovation in all scenarios.

Relying on the core technologies accumulated in the fields of display, sensing, AI and big data during the years of business development, BOE has built IoT platforms for new retail, transportation, finance, art and other fields for many years, providing "hardware products + software Platform + Scenario Application". In this selection, BOE won the "Gold Award for Innovative Application of Display Products" with BOE Picture Screen S3, which promoted the vigorous development of the Internet of Things.

Mr. Li Dong, Chairman and CEO of TCL Group, once said: To achieve high-quality development in China's display industry, independent innovation is the key. He believes that fostering core competitiveness and extending to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can achieve higher quality development. In the past year, TCL has also used actual actions to provide users with a better experience: its products X9 QLED 8K TV and TCL NXTVISION™ won the "8K QLED TV Gold Award" and "Innovative Visual Display Technology Award" respectively. As the third largest TV manufacturer in the world, TCL is still based on insight into consumers' real needs and combines its own technological innovation strength to create products.

Providing customized and complete smart home application solutions for users is the future and trend of the home appliance industry. Changhong relies on the IoT operation platform and IPP technology framework to continue to implement smart home applications. Its products CHiQ 65Q7ART 8K and CHiQ C8UT have won the "Golden Family Ecology Experience Annual Award" and "Global Annual Laser Display Technology Award" respectively. Changhong smart home application solutions will be continuously improved and enriched to provide consumers with the perfect CHiQ-life life experience .

According to IDC data, total global wearable device shipments in the third quarter of 2019 were 84.5 million, an increase of 94.6% year-on-year, setting a new single-quarter shipment. At the same time, with the upgrading of consumption and the gradual popularization of AI, VR, AR and other technologies, the functions of wearable devices have gradually diversified. Huami Corporation won the "Most Worthy of Smart Wearable Innovation Enterprise" in this selection. In 2019, it launched a variety of wearable devices such as Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3, Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 Elite Edition, and also released new products Amazfit GTS, its Amazfit PowerBuds, also won the "Best True Wireless Sports Headphones" award. The release of a number of smart wearable devices demonstrates Huami's determination to deepen its layout in the wearable field.

Consumers have various imaginations about the future of home life, and Hachi 's intelligent positioning of "AI + Habitat" will continue to improve the quality of life for consumers. Hachi cleverly chooses human settlements in many smart home subdivisions, starting with the upgrade of "living" scenarios, covering "whole house intelligence" with technology, products and services, and further "full scene intelligence". Since 2015, Hachi's products have been registered in more than 50 cities across the country, and the entire community is intelligent, helping B-end customers to promote C-end users. It won the "AI Connected Innovation Award" in this selection, and Hachi is poised to take off in the smart home industry.

With the gradual commercialization of 5G networks, the Honor V30, released by HUAWEI's technology tide brand Honor at the end of 2019, will undoubtedly start the "first shot" of the 5G mobile phone war. Smart phones are the biggest driving force for the development of 5G. The appearance of Honor V30 has promoted the development of 5G networks to a certain extent. The superior performance of the Honor V30 brings a wealth of application scenarios, such as low-latency cloud storage of high-definition images, real-time VR extreme sports, synchronized holographic concerts, etc. The core hardware is equipped with the most sophisticated HUAWEI Kirin 990 5G chip currently designed.  Adopts dual-camera eye-screen, with a screen resolution of 2400 * 1080 pixels. In this selection, Honor won the "Global Annual 5G Smartphone Innovation Breakthrough Brand" with Honor V30.

Yumi Technology won the Innovation Award for its smart atomized portable device. With the LANAR AI Smart TV 100A90S and PLANAR Micro LED 135Y90S, Leyard won the "Gold Award of LED TV Technology Innovation" and "Gold Award of Micro LED TV Technology Innovation" respectively.

With technology as the core to continuously explore the potential of consumer electronics, major consumer electronics brands should take the ability of continuous innovation as the key point for brand and product upgrades. As the international communication and selection platform in the field of consumer electronics, the release of the "2019-2020 International Innovative Enterprise Brand Award" list will definitely promote the development of the global consumer electronics industry. Consumer electronics in the AI Era is no longer a pure Functional Industry any more, it will become a digital, comprehensive and systematic ecosystem, undergoing a deep transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and achieving multi-industry integration and development.


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