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Wooptix showing the first ever single lens light field camera at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Wooptix, a small Intel Capital portfolio company specializing in advanced imaging technology, will be at CES in Eureka park in the Tech West Sands expo hall booth 53352 presenting the first ever single lens light field camera capable of capturing light field video in real time. With no loss of resolution, Wooptix can generate a depth map directly from the light field video enabling live 3D video. Light field capturing allows the user to generate an all-in-focus video frame or select focus within each video frame after the video has been acquired. Cinematographers can take advantage of the depth information associated with each pixel, making green screens a part of the past. Additionally, the special effect cinematography team can even replace individual pixels in the foreground. 

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Wooptix light field video is based on patented technology developed at the La Laguna University department of physics and astronomy located at the island of Tenerife in Spain. The imaging breakthrough is based on work done at the world's largest earth-based Teide observatory located on the highest mountain peak on the Tenerife island. The imaging technology acquires a high-speed focal stack video turning each frame into light field video by using a standard PC with a consumer level graphics card to extract the direction of each light ray which is then fed into the display for live light field video. Using the focal stack acquired using adaptive optics, Wooptix captures light field video without the resolution killing micro lens array used by other light field technologies.

The current demo system that will for the first time be publicly displayed at CES, is acquiring and displaying the light field video in HD resolution; however, with the right optics and camera the technology can easily be extended to acquire 4K or higher resolution. As true holographic display has not yet been developed, Wooptix displays the light field video on a 3D display after generating an all-in-focus HD image frame coupled with a depth map with the same resolution. Wooptix has the technology ready to power the coming revolution in holographic video technology.

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