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Keyshare Innovation Group Introduces Hologram Virtual Personal Assistant, Q-Live, at the Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The global market for Smart Speakers is projected to exceed $30 Billion in 2024, at a CAGR of over 20%.  The global Virtual Digital Assistant market is expected to grow to over $12 Billion this year.  "And this only accounts for the B2C potential," according the Robert Safari, Founder and CEO of Keyshare Innovation Group (KIG). "Motivated by this and by the vast potential for B2B applications, we created a hologram Virtual Personal Assistant combining the best features of both Smart Speakers and VPA's – what we call 'Q-Live'," said Safari.

Safari, one of the original patent holders for the electronic cigarette, brought the hologram VPA to life in his skunk works in Seal Beach, CA.  After seeing the desktop personal companion by Gatebox Inc. of Japan, Safari developed an AI and hologram platform to expand the functionality of the Gatebox GTBX-100 for the U.S. market.  Working in conjunction with New Zealand's Umajin, Q-Live is a virtual concierge enabling the B2B market to provide improved, timely, personalized, "face-to-face" service throughout their entire customer base which would be too costly to do otherwise. The technology combines the latest advancements in AI, motion capture, facial and mood recognition and voice activation with sophisticated hologram imagery for a proprietary platform that generates the most lifelike effect. "This is why," Safari notes, "we say that Q-Live is so intelligent you will question the artificial."

As a result, KIG is beginning implementations with major clients in the hospitality and retail industries that see the benefit of lowered response time and greater cost efficiency by using intelligent avatars to handle customer service requests. 

About Keyshare Innovation Group (KIG)

KIG is a technology company with tentacles stretching throughout the supply chain from design and manufacturing to retail distribution – a new approach to supplying top of the line products and proprietary technological solutions from commercial drones to mapping and scanning equipment for the medical industry – where the company has a particular expertise in facial and body scanning.  KIG develops a multitude of innovative and high tech solutions to keep businesses ahead of the curve and maximize efficiency, performance and profit.

About Gatebox Inc.

Gatebox Inc., a subsidiary of Line Corporation manufactures a communication device for living with virtual characters - "Hikari Azuma," is an A.I. companion on sale now in Japan.

Media Contact: Robert Safari, Keyshare innovation Group,, (818) 569-9552

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