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EnvisionBody debut CES 2020: Imagine using edgy AR tech to see yourself with less weight or more muscle mass, showcasing how it's done on a headset

TAMPA BAY, Fla., Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Stop by CES Unveiled on media day to view on a headset display, an explanation of how the technology works by Philippe Lewicki the Captain of AfterNow an award-winning AR/VR company.

EnvisionBody is a company that is developing Augmented Reality software that shows an individual's mirror image with less weight or more muscle mass in real-time. Optical tracking captures the user's image, then processes it through an AR application, and displays the user's enhanced image on a screen.

There are various ways of utilizing the software such as social media entertainment, effective as an exercise motivational tool that interfaces with exercise equipment or used as a display wall-mounted screen for cosmetic surgeons, diet & weight loss or fitness centers.

EnvisionBody provides engaging, interactive advertising on social media and other platforms for various industries to show how effective their products or services will be by displaying their customer's "after" image instantly.

Look for EnvisionBody at the CES Unveiled on January 5th to see how the technology works with AR/VR pioneer Philippe Lewicki or drop by CES Eureka Park Booth 51115 to see a video demo of the software.

For more information contact the founder Salina Ray at or visit

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