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3NOD Announces Availability of New Soundbar using Synaptics AudioSmart SoC with AI
Soundbar Supports all Major Voice Assistants and a Local Assistant that Leverages Synaptics' SyNAP AI Framework to Run Local Natural Language Understanding

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 3NOD Acoustilink® Incorporated announced during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020 ) its next generation turnkey soundbar platform that leverages Synaptics' AudioSmart AS371 SoC with integrated voice and wake word technology and neural network accelerators. Time-to-market and cost are critical for consumer products. This collaboration will enable a "ready to deploy" solution that includes key pre-certifications and quality assurance (QA), thereby dramatically reducing the time required to deploying new soundbar devices in consumer homes.

The soundbar will be showcased at CES 2020 in the 3NOD Acoustilink booth as well as in Synaptics' booth with two different demo configurations. In the first demo configuration, the soundbar runs a cloud assistant. In the second demo, a local assistant is demonstrated that leverages Synaptics' SyNAP framework for performing Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and custom wake word for edge-based voice processing. The platform is designed to be able to support all voice assistant configurations.

Zhixiong Liu, Chairman and CEO of 3NOD said: "3NOD is a top global ODM delivering high performance and cost optimized innovations in consumer products. We are very pleased to select Synaptics for our next generation soundbar platforms due to the superior performance and AI features of their SoCs, and the excellent technical collaboration in delivering exceptional solutions to our OEM partners."

Saleel Awsare, SVP & GM, IoT Division at Synaptics said: "Synaptics is the global leader of edge computing SoCs with AI. 3NOD has done a good job to leverage the capabilities of the AS371 SoC to enable our OEM partners to quickly launch soundbar products whether they are looking to use a cloud assistant or leverage the SyNAP framework for enabling a local assistant with a custom wake word."

Availability: The soundbar is sampling now to lead customers. Please, contact 3NOD Acousticlink to request a sample for evaluations.

Join us at CES: The 3NOD private showcase is located at Villa 8828 Augustus Tower, Caesars Palace. Synaptics' is located in the Venetian Hotel, Level 2 Bellini Ballroom, Suite 2004.

About 3NOD:
3NOD Group is a renowned manufacturer in audio, IoT & computer products, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Under 3NOD Group, 3NOD Acousticlink is the system solution provider based on lean manufacturing of intelligent products. As of today, 3NOD Acousticlink runs an R&D centre with over 300 engineers in Shenzhen, and two manufacturing parks in both Shenzhen and Beihai, China. 3NOD Acousticlink is a globally renowned supplier of audio products such as smart speakers, smart displays, bluetooth speakers, home-theatre soundbars, wireless earphones and wearables.

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About Synaptics:
Synaptics is the pioneer and leader of human interface solutions, bringing innovative and intuitive user experiences to intelligent devices. Synaptics' broad portfolio of touch, display, biometrics, voice, audio, and multimedia products is built on the company's rich R&D, extensive IP and dependable supply chain capabilities. With solutions designed for mobile, PC, smart home, and automotive industries, Synaptics combines ease of use, functionality and aesthetics to enable products that help make our digital lives more productive, secure and enjoyable. (NASDAQ: SYNA)

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