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SafeRide Technologies and NXP Semiconductors Bring Advanced Vehicle Health Monitoring to the Edge With AI-based Anomaly Detection on NXP Vehicle Network Processors
SafeRide and NXP will demonstrate the new solution at CES in Las Vegas on January 7-11

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeRide™ Technologies, the first company to offer a multi-layer and holistic anomaly detection and threat prevention solution, and NXP® Semiconductors today announced the integration of vSentry™ Edge AI – an embedded behavioral profiling and anomaly detection solution for connected vehicles with the NXP vehicle network processors.

Based on SafeRide's vXRay™ AI technology, and combined with the NXP vehicle network processors, vSentry Edge AI delivers real-time advanced vehicle health monitoring capabilities and provides valuable insights for OEMs on cybersecurity, predictive maintenance and vehicle performance. 

vSentry Edge AI uses advanced machine learning and deep learning technology to establish the normal behavior of the vehicle, without dependencies or previous knowledge of the vehicle system's properties and protocols. Once the normal behavior is established, the machine learning models can accurately detect, categorize, and flag any abnormal behavior and report it in real-time. Embedded in the central vehicle gateway, vSentry Edge AI monitors all the in-vehicle communications, including control signals and sensors data. 

NXP's vehicle network processor solutions for service-oriented gateways combine safe and secure automotive real-time processing, application computing and a wide range of legacy automotive and Gigabit Ethernet networking interfaces. Its high-performance multicore, 64-bit Arm® processor enables advanced edge processing such as the AI-based vehicle health monitoring offered by SafeRide's vSentry Edge AI solutions that were previously run in the cloud.

"Existing telematics and vehicle health monitoring solutions are based on partial and filtered vehicle data due to limited computing power. As a result, OEMs achieve suboptimal fleet operational performance and are exposed to zero-day cybersecurity attacks," said Gil Reiter, SafeRide's Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. "Powered by the NXP vehicle network processors, the SafeRide solution can now analyze raw vehicle data at the edge and detect unknown anomalies that could not be detected before, enabling enhanced predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and zero-day intrusion detection."

"NXP's high-performance, vehicle network processing solutions power new vehicle service-oriented gateways that are ushering in a new era of edge processing and vehicle services," said Brian Carlson, Director of Product Line Management for Vehicle Network Processing at NXP. "SafeRide's AI-based anomaly detection technology is an outstanding example of a valuable new service that an NXP-powered gateway can bring to the market."

SafeRide and NXP will demonstrate the vSentry Edge AI solution running on an NXP vehicle network processing platform at the NXP booth at CES on January 7-11 in Las Vegas, Central Plaza Booth CP-18.

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