"Global Top Brands", Lead New Trends in Consumer Electronics Industry

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017-2018 Annual Awards Ceremony for "Global Top Brands", sponsored by the International Data Group (IDG), will be held concurrently with Consumer Electronics Show (CES), reviewing the 2017 brands and products that lead the rapid innovation and iteration of consumer electronics. The theme of this year's event is "Wisdom creates brands, Start New Ecology of Consumption". As one of the largest science and technology exhibitions in the world, CES, with 50 years of history, has become a window for various types of consumer electronics manufacturers to launch new products, display high-tech applications and promote future lifestyles.

The show will usher in the wave of smart devices, focusing on the rapid development of the industry to bring changes in people's lives in all aspects. "Global Top Brands", together with the International Consumer Electronics Leadership Roundtable Dialogue, will provide people with a must-attend industry event.

New Style of Smartness and New Ecology of Consumption

More connected, more interactive and more energy efficient. The continuous upgrading of digital technologies and smart products has brought consumers a rich and colorful digital life. In the past the global consumer electronics technology was created and developed rapidly. It was also an important stage for the rapid expansion of China's consumer electronics market and the upgrading of its industrial structure.

Consumer electronics has become an important engine of the electronic information industry. With the introduction of the policy on promoting the in-depth integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, the Internet market in China country has gradually become more mature. The applications in the big data industry have been hammered down and the innovative applications in the field of artificial intelligence have led the way. IDC predicts that the overall IT market in China will enter a period of adjustment while the market related to innovative accelerators in the industry, such as cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, enhanced virtual reality and robotics, will still maintain a rapid growth of more than 15%.

As China's consumer electronics industry strives to get out of the processing mode and seek a transformation, the four major trends in global industrial development, namely, green technology, tininess but elegance, internet of everything and integrated design, bring enterprises new opportunities. The high-performance portable electronic products using green technology, which is the combination of a realistic design and a virtual online world, bring a great opportunity for manufacturers to develop popular products so as to consolidate the international brands and achieve higher profits for a long-term sustainable development. The new business mode of the consumer electronics industry integrated with network, services and content provides the consumer electronics manufacturers with a new channel in addition to a large scale of distributors. "Global Top Brands", a selection event of global top brands, tries to select the qualified brands under a background in the development of the industry, under strict expert evaluation criteria on the market share of brand enterprises, overseas strategic planning, overseas brand recognition, independent innovation and quality management system, highlighting the charm of self-owned brands attracting the market.

Smart Brands Create Prestige

Hosted by the International Data Group (IDG) and co-organized by IDC. "Global Top Brands", is aimed at showcasing consumers around the world the corporate identity of global consumer electronics brands and reinforcing the image of consumer electronics enterprises in the international market so as to promote the development of the global consumer electronics industry. This year's event is themed "Smart Brands, opening up New Ecology of Consumption" was reviewed in all aspects through voting, such as authoritative selection of third-party data, official websites, science and technology portals, as well as the selection of the world's senior manufacturers, institutions and judges. A total of six awards, including The 2017-2018 Top CE Brands Top10, The 2017-2018 Global Smart Appliances Brands Top 10, The 2017-2018 Global Smartphone Brands TOP 20, The 2017-2018 Global Top 50 CE Brands, The 2017-2018 Global Smart Connected Device Brands Top 20 and The 2017-2018 Global TV Brands Top 15, will be presented.

On the occasion, a roundtable dialogue of international consumer electronics leaders bringing together the industry's giants and focusing on cutting edge issues such as the development trends of consumer electronics, the iteration of innovative technology and the transformation of "smart manufacturing" will bring spectacular brainstorming to the audience. The innovation of technologies and business model will continue to promote the development of the consumer electronics industry, in all aspects. Electronic devices are gradually realizing a full interoperability; in terms of the business model, the mobile Internet, e-commerce and social networks are becoming more mature while consumers are exposed to the contents with more freedom and convenience making the consumer electronics industry pay more attention to the delivery of content and the service value; the demand of consumers for content services will further promote the technologies with key changes. "Global Top Brands", an annual selection event, is keen to capture the development trends of the industry and build a mutually beneficial bridge for brand manufacturers and consumers.

The increasingly fierce competition in the consumer electronics industry has lifted the threshold for foreign enterprises to enter the consumer electronics industry when promoting the integration of resources, making the number of global consumer electronics brands continue to decline while the concentration of brands and OEMs go higher and higher.


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