Rise of Beyond-4K Resolution and HDR Displays, Growth of AR/VR Driving Adoption of DisplayPort and Related VESA Standards
VESA membership surpasses 260 companies; demos at CES 2018 to highlight versatility, ease of use and superior performance of VESA standards

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) today announced it has reached a new milestone with membership growth to more than 260 companies representing all aspects of the consumer electronics supply chain. Over the past year, VESA has seen strong momentum in the adoption of its display standards across the mobile and personal computing industries, driven in part by the continued adoption of the USB Type-C connector with DisplayPort Alt Mode, as well as by new VESA standard developments that are enabling new and emerging display applications such as high dynamic range (HDR) monitors, 8K monitors and TVs, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets.

VESA will highlight many of these new developments at CES 2018 including new product demonstrations showing off the versatility, ease of use, and superior performance of DisplayPort and related VESA standards.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, 166 million handsets, tablets and PCs globally have DisplayPort Alt Mode as a feature via their USB-C ports. Eric Smith, Director of Tablets and Touchscreens at Strategy Analytics, added, "We expect increased adoption of DisplayPort Alt Mode in consumer devices to handle the increased demands of high-quality video, AR/VR use cases, and even to enable productivity solutions such as Continuum for Windows and Samsung DeX."

Latest developments at CES 2018
At CES 2018 a number of demos will be showcased in the VESA DisplayPort booth #21066 in the
Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall highlighting the benefits of VESA's display standards for computing, digital displays, and consumer electronics. These include:

  • High Dynamic Range – VESA will showcase several commercially available monitors for the gaming and professional industries that highlight the high contrast ratio, color accuracy and vibrancy enabled by HDR and incorporating VESA's newest HDR display standard. These include the Samsung 27-inch/32-inch CHG70 and 49-inch CHG90 HDR gaming monitors. Also on hand will be DisplayPort-HDMI adapters for 4K HDR televisions, making any modern computer an HDMI HDR source. With its ability to support higher color depth at higher pixel resolutions, DisplayPort is the leading video interface standard for HDR technology.
  • AR/VR – VESA will showcase multiple headset demos, including the DAQRI Smart Glasses™ using a USB Type-C connector with DisplayPort Alt Mode. DisplayPort over USB Type-C is the best way to obtain the high resolution, HDR color, device power, and USB data that next-generation headsets require.
  • 4K 120Hz/HBR3 Gaming – Several high-performance gaming systems will be on display driving 4K resolution at 120 frames per second and higher using HBR3 (High Bit Rate 3), which transfers data at 8.1 Gigabits/sec per lane. Supported by the DisplayPort standard v1.4, the HBR3 data rate can drive 8K video resolution, or multiple 4K displays, using a single DisplayPort cable or USB Type-C cable carrying DisplayPort Alt Mode. Key applications supported by HBR3 include high-performance gaming, AR/VR, and content creation.
  • 8K Display – VESA will showcase the recently released Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 8K monitor UP3218K, which uses a single DisplayPort input with HBR3 for 8K video at 30Hz, or two DisplayPort inputs for 8K video at 60Hz and 10-bit (HDR) color.
  • Video Compression in 4K – The latest version of Display Stream Compression (DSC), version 1.2a, which integrates DSC's new Forward Error Correction capability, will be demonstrated in 4K with compressed vs. uncompressed video side-by-side to showcase the visually lossless performance of this standard. DSC enables transport flexibility, power savings, and resolutions beyond what is possible today.
  • USB Type-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode Ecosystem – VESA will showcase an array of the latest commercially available mobile devices utilizing the USB Type-C connector with DisplayPort Alt Mode. DisplayPort is the only Alt Mode video transport widely adopted in the marketplace and used today by most video sources utilizing USB Type-C. It enables the highest display performance available, combined with USB Type-C's high-speed data transfer and power delivery functions.

"Over the past three decades, VESA has developed video standards that have proven invaluable in helping drive display technology innovations for PC and mobile applications," stated Bill Lempesis, VESA executive director. "DisplayPort and related interface standards from VESA have been implemented in over 1 billion products. Recent developments, such as the adoption of DisplayPort over USB-C in chipsets like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch – as well as new developments centered on video compression and HDR – have further fueled the growing momentum our standards are experiencing across the consumer electronics landscape."

To view these demos and learn more about DisplayPort and other VESA standards, please visit VESA at CES, January 9-12, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall, booth #21066. More information on DisplayPort is also available at http://www.displayport.org/.

About VESA
The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is an international, non-profit standards association representing a global network of more than 260 hardware, software, computer, display and component manufacturers committed to developing and promoting the electronics industry. VESA has an established 25-year track record of creating and supporting simple, universal and cross-product solutions for today's video and electronics industry. The association's standards include DisplayPort™, the industry replacement for DVI, LVDS and VGA. DisplayPort utilizes a state-of-the-art digital protocol and provides an expandable foundation to enable astonishing digital display experiences. For more information on VESA, please visit http://www.vesa.org/.

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