Lianluo Smart's Presence at 2017 CES

BEIJING, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Lianluo Smart Limited (Nasdaq ticker:LLIT) ("Lianluo Smart" or the "Company"), which develops, markets and sells medical devices and wearable sleep respiratory products in China and international markets, today announced that it is displaying its DHR 998 Plus Wearable Sleep Apnea Syndrome Diagnostic Watch (the "DHR 998 Watch") at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show("CES") hosted in Las Vegas, USA from January 5 to January 8, 2017.

The Company is presenting the DHR 998 Watch at the Tech West area of CES under the booth of "Lianluo" (booth No. 43127). The DHR998 Watch is a sleep apnea syndrome diagnostic wearable device. This small, convenient, smart and portable intelligent monitoring product, supporting services and the overall solution behind the product help maximize the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome ("OSAS") patients and improve hospital physicians' diagnostic efficiency. The Company invites CES attendees to visit the Lianluo booth for a hands-on experience with the DHR 998 Watch.

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. Participation in high-profile exhibitions like CES gives Lianluo Smart the opportunity to showcase the quality of its OSAS diagnostic wearable technology. Lianluo Smart looks forward to giving medical institutions, agents, medical institutions and other users the chance to see in person how the DHR 998 Watch can benefit them.

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Lianluo Smart Limited is a provider of smart products in China and international markets, which develops medical wearable devices, smart devices and ecosystem platform. The medical wearable sector's major products are series of wearable sleep respiratory devices that provide users with medical-grade detection and monitoring, long-distant treatment and integration solution of professional rehabilitation. The smart devices sector specializes in operating easy-to-use smart devices for sports, social contact, entertainment, remote-control, family health management, to maximize interconnection of things and interconnection between things and humans. The smart ecosystem platform sector is an ecosystem facing future, interconnecting things and things, things and human. Lianluo Smart Limited is endeavoring to integrate all resources to become a leading provider of intelligent smart products both in domestic and international markets. More information may be found at which we use now pending the reservation of our new website.

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